If You Like This, You'll Like This

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Certain TV programs just attract the same kinds of audiences so I've selected a few recommendations based on other TV shows. Please leave your recommendations in the comments if you have any so we can obsess over those ones too!

- If you like The O.C, you'll like Gossip Girl
Okay so if you're a big TV fan, these may not be the most original choices, but the two shows are so similar in many ways - but also so different too. Both shows feature a privileged range of lovable characters with some amazing friendships.

- If you like Smallville, you'll like Arrow
Kick-arse characters, amazing action-packed story lines, these two shows are amazing. Smallville is about a superhero and Arrow is slightly sci-fi, if you like either of these shows - you'll be sure to like the other too. 

- If you like The 100, you'll like Misfits
For reasons I can't explain, these two shows remind me of one another. With The 100 getting a lot of buzz at the moment and Misfits not being quite so popular - particularly outside of the UK, I knew I had to include them. The 100 is a dystopian about a group of delinquent teenagers who return to earth to test whether it is still toxic after years of living in space and Misfits is a British drama about a group of teenage criminals who develop superpowers during a bad storm. 

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