Lessons We Can Learn From Movies

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Time after time I find myself relying on some form of art to guide me in making or comprehending decisions. I’ve found along the way that there is a movie for every emotion, occasion and interest that can teach more in a few hours than what you can take a lifetime to understand. For example…

Sex and The City (aka. “Don’t Waste Time On Fill-In Friends”)

An all-time favourite I religiously devour time and time again, Sex and The City has a long list of life lessons to take away from it. However, what I love most is the unbreakable bond between Carrie, Samantha, Charlotte and Miranda. Sure, you could say it ultimately strives to teach you that friends always come first but the first time I watched it, I was drawn to re-evaluate the relationships I had in my life. Which ones were for keeps and which were like that person you sit next to in a class seating chart: you don’t have much in common, but you say something anyway just to pass the time, a fill-in friend who walks out of the room and forgets everything you talked about that past hour. Sex and The City taught me to not have an interest in people who don’t have time for me which, I think, is great to internalise when you’re young to avoid unnecessary heartache.

The Great Gatsby (aka. “Settling Isn’t Necessary”)

This film enveloped me in the feeling that anything is achievable somehow. Coming from a not-so-glamorous background, it is refreshing to experience the character of Gatsby who comes from nothing and gains everything, always striving for more (deeper plot meanings and story endings aside). We are all optimists surrounded by pessimism, but movies like this remind me that, really, there is no reason to settle for less in order to find everything you’ve always been looking for.

One Day (aka. “Whatever is meant to happen WILL happen”)

Due to their cheesy nature chick flicks aren’t a strong presence in my life, especially the met-on-a-plane-then-married-at-the-airport kind. Nevertheless, some can strike a chord. The ones with the kind of love that takes so long that you doubt it will happen at all, but then it does. One Day is all about that kind of love. It shows the reality of people whose worlds don’t just stop for each other but eventually entwine together because it was meant to happen. On days where my positivity is running low, I like to think that this idea can apply to everyone and that makes bad days feel like they’re leading me somewhere just as much as the good ones. Whatever is happening is meant to be happening.

Lady and The Tramp (aka. Only Judge People For Who They Are)

Everyone has a childhood favourite animation that evolves into an adult favourite and then, a lifetime favourite. Lady and the Tramp is my lifetime favourite. As someone who openly admits to being judgemental of others at times for no apparent reason, this Disney classic helped to calm my miss-high-and-mighty act very early on and in the process showed me how to never over or underestimate someone’s character until I have their whole life story in front of me.

Whatever your take on how much value 2D entertainment has, there is no denying that you wouldn’t be thinking or acting the way you do now without its input. To what do you owe your DVD collection?

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