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If you're anything like me, you'll still be reeling from that Season 6 Summer finale. Like many PLL fans, my feelings are mixed and although a lot of questions were answered, some were still left open and a lot more were created. But thankfully, we finally know that A is Cece Drake, or should I say Charlotte DiLaurentis - an interesting, although not entirely surprising reveal. After the highly anticipated big finale, MTV published an interview with PLL writer/creator Marlene King and although a lot of thing were explained in this interview, I was kind of left thinking: why didn't she just put that in the show?! Nonetheless, the interview is a must-read for any PLL fans, so here are the most important bits:

1) "Ali, and even Charlotte, are the product of their mother, their crazy mother. Mrs. DiLaurentis taught them very bad behaviour."

2) Who killed Mrs. D? 
Next season, Marlene has promised that the murder of Mrs D will be part of the bigger mysteries that will be uncovered. 

3) The 'A' storyline is done.
After five years of the A storyline, it has now been put to bed. The new series will contain a 'Big Bad', but it won't be A. 

4) Jason has closure after years of being tortured by his past
"His parents told him that Charles was an imaginary friend," Marlene explains in the interview, "and because of that, Jason grew up to be this tortured soul that always felt that something was missing because his brother was gone. So, he wants to be there for Charlotte now and help to become the family she never had. But thank god they never had sex."
Yes, thank god, although that storyline is one that is more on the disturbing side, and I don't feel was completely necessary...

5) Jason recalls seeing CeCe in a yellow tank top speaking to Melissa - but "most likely, he was seeing Bethany." Something that will apparently be explained slightly more in episodes to come.

6) The roof scene was real - despite flashbacks portraying characters as older than they should be for the storyline. 

7) Lesli Stone is not connected to Charlotte, despite both spending time in Radley. 

8) When Mona was discovered as the original A, that is when the writers knew that a character would have to steal the show from her - and that is when they decided it would be CeCe. At the exact same time, that is when the Charles storyline was created. 

9) Kenneth DiLaurentis is the true villain of the show. 
His reaction to the bathtub scene is what Marlene described as "heartbreaking."

10) Charlotte's transgender storyline is completely separate to her mental health issues. 
"I think Charlotte just happens to be transgender, and I think Charlotte has mental disorders completely aside from that because she comes from a crazy family. She was left at Radley for her whole entire life. So I think everybody in that family is a little bit crazy to begin with." Marlene explained. 

So whilst that answers some of our questions and it's great to get an insight into Marlene's mind, I'm still dying to know more. I cannot wait for the new episodes to be aired, but I'm also slightly annoyed that more cards aren't on the table - I've been waiting a long time for this, and I'm not sure I'm ready for the A storyline to be complete. Are you?

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