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The end of series 5 left us with so many questions about who A was and when we were given the name Charles, we were sure everything would become apparent. We're now 4 episodes into Season 6 and I couldn't be more confused. I've never been one for creating my own conspiracy theories about Pretty Little Liars - there is just far too much information to consider - but I do, however, like to obsess over others' theories. I've scoured the internet for the three most convincing 'A' theories to share with you so you can obsess over the possibilities with me. Please bear in mind the following article contains spoilers.

1. Charles and Bethany Young are the same person

Okay, so this is one of the main ones I've seen flying around the blogosphere. One person theorized that Charles and Bethany were the same person and that Charles was sent to Radley because he wanted to be a woman - which is why Ali's mom told her not to tell her dad about the second yellow dress. Bethany hated Ali because she has lived the life that she always wanted to live but couldn't. Bethany looked enough like Alison that they were mistaken when the body was found so could they be sisters?

There are a few problems with this theory though. Bethany is dead. Like, properly dead. She's not likely to come back alive as we've known other characters to do. Secondly, when Charles asked the girls to recreate Melissa's prom from seven years ago, it basically gave away his age assuming he was the same age as her, meaning he/Bethany would have be far too old to have been mistaken for Alison as a high school freshman. Also, in S6E4, we were told the reason for Charles being sent to Radley... Whilst we don't know if this is true, it puts a spanner in the works of this theory. Whilst all of this doesn't explain why A is after all of the girls, it kinda makes a bit of sense... 

2. Charles is Cece Drake. 

This particular theory is one that my friend told me about and I have to admit, I was skeptical. Firstly, Charles DeLaurentis and Cece Drake have the same initials - probably not a coincidence knowing the producers attention to detail. Cece and Alison look alike, and have always used that fact to their advantage. Cece is around Charles' age, is sneaky, has a tendency towards violence and knows a lot of the girls' secrets...

3. Lucas is Charles. 

So as soon as Lucas turned a little bit weird, I knew something wasn't right with him. Now, let me blow your mind. Anagrams. There were a lot of anagrams in Series 5, spelling out "Charles DeLaurentis" but the words "Chandelier's rituals, Sister launched lairA ruler's list chained" that were found can also spell out "Nerd Lucas Is the Liar." 

Lucas is Charles. Alison and Jason's brother, whilst the age doesn't add up - we've already said how Charles is Jason's age, rather than Alison's, and Lucas is in Alison's grade in school, and the aforementioned prom scene wouldn't have meant anything to him - there are a lot of hints that certainly make this theory make sense. Lucas/Charles wanted to be a girl, which explains the two yellow dresses, his obsession with dolls/dollhouses, why he hated Alison so much and why she always called him Hermaphrodite and 'Hermy'. However, this would be disproved after the most recent episode 4 in season 6 where Alison discovers she once had a brother called Charles - something she wasn't previously aware of. 

The theories seem to be endless and with little information being given to us, PLL is becoming more and more frustrating by the episode. What are your theories? Do you see any evidence/proof against the above theories? I'd love to know your thoughts. 

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