TV Shows I Wish Weren't Cancelled

So if you're anything like me, you watch a ton of TV shows; some of which are continued for what feels like endless series (Grey's Anatomy, yay) and others are cancelled after one measly series. I, unfortunately, get far too attached to shows I love and often become addicted to marathoning the cancelled shows long after their end date. Some of my favourite shows have been cancelled after a brief time period on our TV screens and I'd like to share them in the hope that other people discover these little gems too. 

When The Lying Game was cancelled with so many unanswered questions, the fangirl inside me was screaming in frustration. An excellent mystery drama about two separated identical twins who decide one should live the others ones life, but things start to get complicated as nobody knows the twins know each other. The show is full of sneaky characters, bitchiness, mysterious story lines and again, great outfits. But beware, only watch this show if you're okay to be left with unanswered questions.  

Jane By Design was perhaps one of the most fun teen dramas I've ever seen. It made me laugh, it gave  me the feels and it had fashion design in it - what more could a girl want? A school girl is mistaken for a 20-something applicant for a full-time interning opportunity at high-powered fashion company and takes on two very different worlds whilst keeping her true identity a secret. The plot lines were original, the script was hilarious, the characters were lovable and on top of all that, the outfit choices were amazing - WHY was this show cancelled?! 



Privileged is perhaps one of the oldest shows I feel deserved a better chance and even though it aired in 2008, I'm still rewatching it to this day. The show follows a yale graduate who becomes a tutor to two spoiled rich teenagers who couldn't care less about school. The girls are socialites who are used to getting their own way, but when their new sassy tutor starts to put them in their place, they start to change their ways. This show was perfect for me, it was fun, funny and the tutors relationship with the girls was so interesting to watch. I'm not sure where else this show could have gone, but I wish I had the chance to find out. 


The Carrie Diaries is my most recent heartbreak, being cancelled only last year after two seasons. Sex and The City brought us Carrie Bradshaw, The Carrie Diaries brought us the teenage Carrie Bradshaw, before she moved to New York and before she became the shoe-loving column writer we all know and love. Carrie and her group of friends were so lovable and enjoyable to watch, I was genuinely heartbroken when this series was cancelled after just two series. There was plenty of romance, friendship, identity questions and just general amazing-ness that I'm sad to see go. 


I'm sure the cycle of falling in love with shows and then being devastated once they're cancelled will continue for the rest of my little fangirling lifetime but for now, I'm happy to rewatch my favourite over and over. Have you seen any of these shows? What shows do you wish hadn't been cancelled?

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