Best. App. Ever

For the longest time, I've always been a lover of TV shows. I'd keep a notebook with a list of each show I loved so I could keep track of what episode I was on. When I found an app that could do exactly that, and so much more - I fell in love and needed to share it with you all. 

TVShow Time is one of the many apps I've tried that allows you to keep track of which shows you've completed, and which episode you're up to on your current shows, and it's by far the best. Without sounding too much like an advert (I wish they would sponsor me!), I wanted to share the great things about this app because although there are thousands of people using it, not enough know about it in my opinion. 

Firstly, you create your profile, and select your all-time favourite shows, you can customise your profile to have all your social media links, your own photo and a background of one of your favourite shows. You can even select 'your' favourite TV character, mine is Carrie Bradshaw from Sex and the City, natch. Then, it keeps track of all the shows you've watched, in a total of hours - so far, I've managed to watch four months, one day and 13 hours worth of shows - eeeeek! 

One of my favourite aspects of the app is that you can chat with thousands of other viewers, and follow each other (shameless self-promo - find me at Christina L and follow me & I'll follow back). Simply choose a show (or episode) you have a lot to say about, and view comments. You can create memes using screenshots of the show (amazing feature), or just write plain text comments discussing what's been going on. The app shows you how many episodes you still need to watch from your favourite shows, when your new episodes will air and you can even be notified when your faves are back!

TVShow Time is completely free to download - and it has a desktop version, which to be honest I haven't used much - but it has recently announced an update which allows you to pay (you can still have a free account, if you wish) to access extra stats, allows you to mark episodes as watched multiple times, removes ads and gives you a special badge on your profile. This new update is to help the app pay for its servers and when I find something I love, I want to support it as much as I can so of course I upgraded my account to the top option and I'm now a "Saver Fan" for £8.99 a year - which is an excellent price for an app that offers so much, in my opinion! 

I would highly highly recommend this app (otherwise I wouldn't be writing a post about it that sounds like a sponsorship), it's a great way to keep track of your own shows, whilst being able to talk to others who watch the same as you - it's been so helpful when I've wanted to discuss those OMG moments in How To Get Away With Murder which none of my friends have seen! Feel free to follow me and check out the app for yourself. 

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