Working Out With The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt

Bikini season is rapidly approaching so those New Year gym memberships have begun to resurface as so many of us are preparing for our annual week away in the sunshine. We all understand the daily struggle of coming home after a long day's work and slipping on those running shoes when our slippers look much more inviting. But, motivation has arrived in the ever optimistic and sunshine exuding Kimmy Schmidt.

Here are some of the mantra’s Kimmy uses that can help us through our painful work-out routines.

1. “I’m not really here!”


Whether you’re pounding your feet on the treadmill or squatting your way to a firmer Beyonce-esque behind, denial should become your best friend. You’re not really running in an air conditioned gym surrounded by bodybuilders and protein shake drinkers...close your eyes and you’re running on a beach in Hawaii, happy hour has been called and you only have the next fifteen minutes to get to the bar. For the love of God....RUN!

2.  Just take it ten seconds at a time.


That never ending feeling where you’ve promised yourself fifty reps and you’ve yet to make it past twelve can be the most daunting thing about working out. Take a leaf out of Kimmy’s book and just count to the next ten seconds. If you can make it to ten, you can make it to the next ten and before you know it, you’ll have arms like Michelle Obama and abs like Miley Cyrus.

3.  “Smile until you feel better.”


Just when you think you can’t go on, pretend like you can and see what happens. Eventually your adrenaline will get you through it and you’ll feel even better that you pushed yourself past your limits. “Kimmying” is the way forward.

4.  “You can’t break us!”


Don’t compare yourself to others. There is nothing worse than walking into a gym where you’re the amateur amongst a sea of Olympic athletes. Ignore the petite frames in lycra or the inflated muscles lifting the weights, everyone is different. So walk in with confidence and your work-out will be that much easier.

5.  “Females are strong as hell.”


You’re capable of more than you could ever imagine, but remembering that is the hard part. The easiest thing to do is give up, but the strongest thing to do is commit.

And remember to reward yourself for all of your hard work.....