'Fantastic Beasts' Character Reveal

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A while ago, it was announced that J K Rowling's Fantastic Beasts & Where To Find Them would be made into a movie. Last week, the characters and the actors vying for their parts in the Harry Potter spin-off were announced. Whilst we know absolutely nothing about the series or the characters, this little tidbit of information brings us a little bit closer to finding out more about the movie that's set to hit theatres in November 2016. The sequel will be set to come out in November 2018 and the third in the series is planned for November 2020. 

In early May, it was announced that true-Brit Eddie Redmayne would play the lead role of Newt. Last week we learnt that Saoirse Ronan, Allison Sudol, Dakota Fanning and Lili Simmons would be testing for the role of Tina: the "grounded" one,  Kate Upton, Elizabeth Debicki and Katherine Waterston were testing for the role of Tina's older gorgeous sister Queenie and Steve Zisis, Dan Fogler and Zack Pearlman were testing for the role of Jacob: Newt's rival. 

Rowling has been letting out little snippets of information on Twitter and from what we can gather, Tina is short for Porpentina and is actually Newt's wife, meaning she will be one of the main characters. Also worth noting is the fact that Tina has a grandson named Rolf, who marries Luna Lovegood in the Harry Potter series. She also let slip that Queenie is the younger sister of Tina and is described as a "bombshell."

With the screenplay, written by Rowling, officially finished, we can't wait for more information about this new exciting series.