YA Horror TV Show Hitting The Small Screen This Month

On the 30th June, a new YA horror TV show will be piloted on MTV. Based on the Scream movies, the TV show of the same name follows a group of teenagers in Lakewood after a Youtube video goes viral that opens up questions about the town's past.

According to the show's producers, the original ghostly mask had to go. Loosely basing the show on the TV series, but with new characters, setting, storylines and mythology - the "mask" needed a whole new look to let viewers know it will be a whole new Scream world, separate from the infamous one from movie history. With shows like Pretty Little Liars building up the tension, mystery and intrigue season after season, Scream has a lot to contend with. Will a whole series be worth it?

Check out the trailer below and let us know what you think. We can't wait for a new horror TV show to get our claws into.