Between Recap: Season 1 Episode 3 'Crossing Lines'

*All of our episode recaps contain spoilers*

So we’re now halfway through the series and unfortunately the show does not appear to be improving.  If anything it seems to be getting worse.

The stories are becoming increasingly tedious, with one subplot featuring a tiger rooming loose around Gord’s farm with his little sister running round trying to avoid it. Yawn!

We’re drip-fed little snippets of the ongoing conspiracy with the government (surprise, surprise) refusing to lift the quarantine because of some rubbish excuse regarding the air. And through Adam and Whiley’s subplot (more on that later), we see that the town is surrounded by landmines in case anyone tries to escape. These little bits of information are more interesting than the other 98% of the episode put together. But rather than focus on the big conspiracy the writers decide that what the audience really want to see are the teens’ ongoing petty feuds.

The main feud of this episode is between Chuck and Ronnie, with Chuck convinced that Ronnie killed his sister. Although the murder was intriguingly set up in the last episode, ‘Crossing Lines’ waste a whole episode with Chuck going after Ronnie when it’s obvious to the audience that he had nothing to do with it. So we get more of Chuck being an asshole, and Ronnie making everything worse for his poor put upon siblings (poor Pat one of the few sympathetic characters, which means he’ll probably die soon). Then there’s the ‘revelation’ that Ronnie’s alibi for the murder is that he was sleeping with Chuck’s girlfriend. Yawn!

I thought that at least the whole thing might be building to something interesting, maybe a shock death? But no, Amanda confesses that she started the fire at the store and Pat and Gord prove to Chuck that Ronnie wasn’t the killer. Except rather than call a truce Chuck and Ronnie are still at each other’s throats, leaving us to continue this tedious storyline for another week.

Elsewhere Ronnie and Whiley kiss and then attempt to leave Pretty Lake while the power is out. They cut through the wired gates but discover the land mines surrounding the town. Whiley attempts to brave the land mines believing they are fakes set up the government, however Adam uses Whiley bag to prove they are real. Her bag explodes and so does her money. Whiley is not pleased and Adam questions where the money comes from, leading her to say their kiss was a mistake. Having pissed off Adam and then her sister, who resents Whiley always leaving the baby with her and getting no thanks, Whiley storms out on her own with the baby.  It’s hard to care about Whiley, her sister or Adam at this point. Or most of the characters in fact.

It’s a shame that the series has wasted a potentially good premise by having badly written characters and filling the screen with a bunch of mostly wooden actors.  My hopes that things will improve week by week are fading, and now I’m losing the will to watch the rest of the series. I’ll stick with it for now. But I wouldn’t blame anyone for giving up on Between and seeing what else is on Netflix.

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