Between Recap: Season 1 Episode 4 'Love Hurts'

*All of our episode recaps contain spoilers*


After last week’s bore fest things slightly improve in the latest episode. The wider conspiracy comes back and there are some intriguing developments.

One of the main story lines revolves around the young teacher Ms. Symonds who is turning 22. Naturally given the everyone over 21 have died she’s nervous.  As she spends her day drinking and bowling with Adam she appears to relax a little. However that evening the power comes back on and when Adam looks back at her, Ms. Symonds dies. Is it a coincidence that her death coincided with the power being back on?

We also see the return of Mark, the jailbird, who teams up with Stacey to re-open her parent’s bar and sell drinks to youngsters. At first this is rather boring. Mark ends up screwing Stacey over and gets the pub to run by himself. However, the female prison guard then appears and hauls his ass back to jail. After quizzing him about what’s going on in town, she then lets him go. Mark is just as confused as the audience as to why she would do this considering last time she saw him he hit her over the head. It seems she wants him to be her eyes and ears and report back to her about what’s going on in Pretty Lake. As he leaves Mark comments that’s she doesn’t look like she’s 21, which is a bit rich coming from him (well actually the majority of the cast look like they are in their mid-twenties). She then makes a call asking for intel on Adam. Who is she in contact with? Is it someone from the outside? Does she know what’s going on?

The other plotlines drag on. Whiley stays over at Ronnie’s for the night and then agree to go hunting with him. I was wondering why Ronnie was being so nice to Whiley when he’s been a tool to everyone else. His motives become apparent as he tries to kiss her. When she rejects him he becomes violent. Luckily his sister Tracey turns up and hits him over the head, making her one of my new favourite characters (of about her, Pat and…er…). With the Creekers taking care of Ronnie, Whiley wants to return home but Pat wants a favour first. What will it be?

It will probably involve some revenge on Chuck as he and his goons go after Pat with a gun this week. Well, he did think Pat killed his sister due to Adam’s investigations. I was glad it turned out Pat wasn’t the killer as he’s one of the few characters I can stand at the moment. It turns out Chuck’s sister committed suicide, although why did Pat keep her suicide note? Either he did kill her and he’s lying or more likely, he kept it for plot convenience to boost the animosity between Chuck and Pat. I’d rather we were focusing on the bigger conspiracy rather than the petty disputes, but that seems to be the main focus of the series.

Chuck also gets a new love interest this week as we are introduced to a new girl Samantha, who we don’t know much about her except that she wasn’t part of the popular crowd and she is less irritating than Stacey which is a plus. Unfortunately, their romance is stopped dead when Chuck punishment of a young boy called Harrison for stealing a car leads him to become seriously ill. It does not help that Harrison is Samantha’s brother. Bad luck Chuck.

There was also a subplot about Gord and Melissa, but they were both so boring I just don’t care anymore.

Overall this was a better episode than last week but the show is still suffering from diverting from the bigger picture. We want the characters to be finding out more about the virus, but that’s not really happening. It’s also annoying that after only 19 days since the virus started no one seems that distressed about their parents being dead. This series really needs to kick it up a gear for their last two episodes if they want to keep their existing viewers.

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