Between Recap: Season 1 Episode 5 'End of the Rope'

*All of our episode recaps contain spoilers*

We’re on to the penultimate episode for the teen sci-fi drama Between, and although there were slight improvements in last week’s episode, the lack of quality in this series is still evident.

The ongoing battle between the rich kids and the Creekers continues. When one of the Creeker girls falls ill Pat and Tracey force Whiley to help get the medicine by holding her baby hostage. They figure she would have better luck against Chuck’s friends then they would, however when they question Whiley and she admits it’s for a Creeker they refuse to give her the medicine. It’s a sick kid guys just put your fricking boring differences aside already. I know they’re holding a baby hostage, but it says something when the Creekers (bar Ronnie ) are my favourite characters in this series (although why did no one think to bring the sick kid to town so then it would be harder for Chuck to refuse?) Later Ronnie, facing drug withdrawal, suicidal impulses and remorse, lets Whiley and baby Jason go, although Whiley’s conscious leads her to return to help them. As Pat and Whiley come back from a successful run from the pharmacy they accidently knock over and kill Chuck’s other sister Amanda.  What should be a shocking development ends up being another dull plot point that means the feud will escalate for another episode.

Meanwhile Adam, the only one who cares about finding out what caused the virus, ends up at the prison where the prison guard lady finds him. It becomes apparent that the virus wasn’t natural (no shit Sherlock!) and just as she’s about to shoot Adam a man comes and shoots her instead. That man turns out to be Adam’s father. What does this mean? Does anyone care?

Chuck’s subplot sees one of his friends Vince become ill, at first they think the virus has returned, but it turns out to be a burst appendix. He needs a hospital or he’ll die. Chuck wants to take a plane and fly him over the fence, despite Gord’s pleas otherwise. While he may be wooden, Gord is correct as the plane carrying two of Chuck’s friends gets shot down.  Really Chuck? You are surprised that there’s a bigger conspiracy going on considering your town has been infected by a virus that kills those over 21 and has fenced off your entire town? How stupid are you?

Over on Gord’s farm, there’s some boring business with a girl from a religious community who Gord kisses and then her husband shows up. Oops!

It’s bizarre that people thought that watching kids squabble with each other was the best direction for a sci-fi series.  Unless the final episode is a real game changer I’d be surprised if this series is renewed for another season. One more episode to go! I doubt anyone else is still watching.

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