Between Recap: Season 1 Episode 6 'War'

*All of our episode recaps contain spoilers*

So we’ve finally come to the end of the series. While the last episode does provide us with answers to some of the ongoing mysteries surrounding the virus there are still plenty pf problems evident in this show.

The writing and some of the acting from the cast members are still the show’s weak points. When Adam realises his dad is in Pretty Lake his expression doesn’t change, nor does it change when his father chokes on blood in front of his eyes. And he barely bats an eyelid when said father reappears at the climax of the episode and reveals he helped create the virus. The revelations about his father should have more impact but it all falls flat as the actor playing Adam has no expression what so ever.

It’s a shame as there was some scenes in this episode that were actually pretty good. The inevitable showdown between Chuck and the Creekers was better than I thought it would be.  Instead of a gun battle as I expected, Pat went to Chuck and admitted he accidently killed Amanda. He then negotiates a deal that Chuck can kill him and end the feud between them. As the main cast gather into the church Pat makes both Chuck and Ronnie that the feud will end with his death.  For once there is some proper tension in the scene and it helps that the actors playing Chuck and Pat are both decent enough actors to carry this off.  Just as I expected Pat to be a goner Whiley pops up and tells Chuck how wrong this is and how she was in the car that killed Amanda too. It’s also revealed that the father of Whiley’s child was Chuck’s dad!

Amid all this the gang here’s that soldiers are in Pretty Lake and will vaccinate everyone with a cure. Everyone rejoices until Adam turns up saying that the soldiers will unknowingly kill everyone with the vaccine before they too will succumb to the virus. It’s all part of a government conspiracy to clean up their mess. As the gang argue over what to do, it was actually nice to see the main cast together and finally discussing the virus rather than their petty squabbles.  Mark even reveals he’s a criminal when they need help getting around the prison where the vaccinations take place.

So far so good. But then the action goes into the prison and it all falls flat. The inevitable gun fire just feels repetitive and considering we are seeing children getting injected with the wrong vaccine I didn’t feel the emotions I should be feeling. Unfortunately Pat also gets killed saving Chuck. Why we have to keep drug addicted, attempted rapist Ronnie around over his brother is a mystery.

Then there was Adams final scenes with his father which have little impact. It was all about controlling population growth and an evils scientist stole the vaccine to test on Pretty Lake. When this was revealed I just felt “Is that it?” Then we got the news that Adam and his dad are immune from the virus which is bad news as it means Adam will have to be kept around if the series continues. Granted Adam showed a bit of emotion when he had to shoot his dad to save the town but still a few tears was all we got.

So that’s it for Between. I have no idea if it will get renewed for another season but if it does then here are few things that they should do to improve the series.

  • Cut some of the cast or at the least recast them. Top of that list should be Gord and Adam for basically being cardboard cut-outs instead of characters
  • Leave the Menonite girl behind and keep Melissa dead
  • Get rid of Stacey and keep Samantha, she seems to be one of the few with a level head and doesn’t annoy me
  • No more Creekers v.s Chuck bullshit
  • Focus on the search for a cure for the virus rather than any petty romance/feud nonsense
  • Let’s see some hints of the outside world, some Government agents perhaps discussing their options with Pretty Lake and how they are keeping the truth from the outside world

I don’t think this will have been a series to capture the teen audience, or any audience for that matter, as Netflix had hoped. I imagine most would have given up on this and watch Pretty Little Liars instead. I know that’s where I’ll be turning next!

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