Between Recap: Season 2 Episode 1 'Get Out of Town'

*All of our episode recaps contain spoilers*

So I'm back again to Pretty Lake. God help me!

Pretty Lake is still under quarantine. Two concerned parents try to get into the area but their car is blown up as they cross the minefield. Not a bad opening to the new season. However the rest of the episode is a mixed affair.

The main plot revolves around Adam and a reluctant Sam sneaking through the tunnels to see if they can escape or if the infection will affect the local residents. This type of moral dilemma should be interesting but unfortunately the script never pushes the issue hard enough and it’s not helped by Adam’s weak delivery in his scenes. Still there is some good tension when they reach the farm and seek help from the owner of a local farm-Sandra. Through her the kids find out that the authorities have been lying to the outside world claiming they are delivering them food and it’s all down to an act of terrorism. Things seem to be going well, and Sandra even covers for them when the authorities pay a visit to the farm. However the next morning Sandra is found dead, it turns out the virus is still working. This hits Sam hard as she was against going in the first place. Will this create some drama and resentment between her and Adam? As they go back in they run into new guy Liam who’s trying to get in saying he has a cure for the virus. He also knows Adam's name. But can he be trusted.

The rest of the remaining subplots range from mildly interesting, to dull to unintentionally funny. In what should have been a more serious plot, a kid stabs the criminal guy Mark while trying to steal his booze from the bar. However when the kid then accidentally stabs himself it’s unintentionally hilarious instead of tragic, not helped by the kid’s bad acting. This show really needs to widen the net when casting its actors. I fear this will turn into an exasperating storyline as he’s seen by Stacey, who accuses him of killing the boy and then gets back into a relationship with him (as you do).

Boring Gord and his annoying sister Frances are still around trying to find rations and arguing over whether to kill the family cow. Sigh. That’s about exciting as this plot gets.

Meanwhile what starts as a weird kid version of fight club, turns into Chuck finding a way out of Pretty Lake. Turns out the kids are betting on the fights to get money to give to a corrupt guard on the boarder so they can have videogames and food. Chuck (being one of the few with a brain) realizes they can use this to advantage and comes up with a plan for him, his girlfriend and her brother to leave Pretty Lake. And it seems to have worked as Chuck ambushes the guard during a swap and they manage to leave in their car. But they can’t get very far surely? And won’t they infect everyone? Still it’s some much needed action for this series.

Unfortunately Ronnie is still alive and crying over his dead’s brother’s grave. I really could not care less about this character but at least we get to see Pat again as some kind of ghost/hallucination. They killed off the wrong brother, even dead Pat still has more personality than most of the cast. Then Ronnie meets new character Renee and invites her home. She has bad taste. But then his sister Tracy cock blocks them and she runs off. Is it important that Ronnie has never seen her before? Has she snuck in?

It still bugs me that the majority of the cast still look way over 22 and a lot of them can't act. But there is more action in this episode with Chuck's escape plan and the new character of Liam could be interesting. Just kill off Gord and Ronnie please? And where has Melissa gone?

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