Between Recap: Season 2 Episode 2 'Us vs. Them'

*All of our episode recaps contain spoilers*

Between is getting better in their cold openings. This episode starts with a shocking scene with Chuck's girlfriend getting shot while they try to escape forcing Chuck to have to turn back and leaves San's brother Harrison devastated. This is the kind of twists the show needs although it's a shame Sam is the one to go.

The new guy Liam and his claims of a vaccination is also a welcome addition to the show and is the most interesting plot. The fact that he antagonises the every dull Adam is also a plus. His mysterious motives brings some good tension as you're constantly trying to work out whose side he's on. He manages to save Whiley and diagnose her with a tumor but his call to an unknown source at the end shows he may not be working for the residents best interest.

Liam's presence also let's slip a few secrets. Chuck finds out that Adam and Whilst knew of another way (which means Sam did not have to die escaping the through the gates) and Whilst learns that Adam is immune. Its no wonder she feels betrayed, it means she did not have all the facts when they escaped and it means she is solely responsible for Sandra's death. This revelation makes her decision to take the vaccine understandable. She wants to make her own choices with the information she has not pressured into doing what Adam says when he hasn't previously been honest with her. Its nice to see self righteous Adam get taken down a leg or two. I'm sure it's only so that Liam can later be revealed as a baddie and Adam alone has to stay the day but still I'm enjoying it for now.

Unfortunately the show keeps turning away from the more interesting plot to show us Ronnie whose love interest is the sister of the boy who died in front of Mark and blah, blah, blah. Again dead Pat shows up and is still more life like than Ronnie. Meanwhile the other boring subplot is the fall out of Ford killing Frannie's cow (can't believe this is actually a storyline). So Frannie seals the cow meat depriving the town and orphans of food because Gord killed her cow. What a brat!

If the show could cut down the cast and subplots then this could make for a much better show.

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