Criminal Minds


Criminal Minds is by far my favorite TV show out there. I don't know what about forensic science and FBI storylines that really seem to float my boat but Criminal Minds really has to be known for their impeccable and thought-out plots and their quirky, genius gang of team members. I've always loved mystery and murder shows/books, but this show just wraps everything I love into one tiny package, oh, with a bow on the top! If you aren't convinced yet have no fear, you're about to be amazed!

Oh yes... It is available on Netflix!

Reason #1: Guessing the answers to these murder mysteries is half the fun.

Every episode comes with its own murder mystery to solve so when you venture through all 10 seasons of episodes, don't be surprised to find that each episode has a brand new crime involved. These murders are so diverse and not predictable at all so that just leaves a fun game of guessing! It also enables you to use the critical analyzing skills that you learn from the show. 

Reason #2: Each episode is 41 minutes long. An endless amount of forensic fun!

I hate those kinds of shows that are only 30 minutes long and end up leaving you on a giant cliffhanger between episodes. Does anyone else have that problem? I feel like each episode is so worthy of its 41 minutes and takes every moment explaining something or telling a story. There's no way you won't be satisfied after every episode! 

Reason #3: There are like 10 seasons. More of an endless amount of forensic fun!


Oh yes there are 10 seasons. 10 SEASONS OF AWESOMENESS! Need I say more?

Reason #4: Learn critical analyzing skills. 


These forensic science and behavioral murder shows are usually known for its thought-out plots and the way they place pieces of the puzzle together. It's inevitable that you'll also be able to pick up the skills from these shows as you watch them and try to guess the answers to some of these mysteries. It's a great life skill to have and also teaches you a thing or too about the way criminals think!

Reason #5: Fun and quirky characters? Please, count me in!

All the characters (detectives) in this show have their own quirks. When I say that, I mean that they all have one thing that they're very skilled at, and with that they use those skills to contribute to the team. The way they put things together is truly a sight to see. If you've watched Criminal Minds, who is your favorite character? Mine is definitely Reid because he's like the smartest one but he also things differently from the others. 

Reason #6: You learn how to think like a criminal. 
I really love how each episode has two POVS. One is from the team at the BAU (Behavioral Analysis Unit) and the other is from the brightest minds, the criminals. It's funny because you'd never imagine thinking like a criminal but this show discovered both views and it's a smart way to attract the viewers. 

Reason #7: The creator is Jeff Davis!!!


Jeff Davis is the infamous mind behind Teen Wolf and other popular TV shows. TEEN WOLF GUYS, TEEN WOLF! If you haven't checked out my Teen Wolf first impressions and review post, then you really should. This brilliant mind created this show so how could I not watch it? 


Have I succeeded in convincing you guys? If I haven't, well you're just going to have to give it a shot and tell me what you think! Thanks for reading. 

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