How many of us would love to be transported into our favourite tv show? Meet the characters we do desperately love [or hate] and have a chance to be a part of the fantasy...?

In Dramaworld that dream is a reality.

A young woman, Clare Duncan, who is obssesed with K-Drama finds herself inside the very show she binge watches every second of the day. Of course she reacts the way anyone would... she faints. Into the arms of the male lead... can you say swoon-tastic?

Hilariously the show plays on all the TV show tropes that we're all used to drinking in without so much as a second thought; devestatingly handsome guy? Check. Standoff-ish but also deep? Check. Drop dead gorgeous girl-next-door-cum-most-beautiful-girl-in-the-world? Well, yeah.

The name of the game is to keep the show moving towards the finale; the Big Kiss. The one moment which has to happen at the end of each K-Drama so the characters can fulfill their destiny and thus move onto the next story line where they become new people and lose all their memory of the previous show. It's up to Clare and the other 'normal' person already playing along to make sure everything goes smoothly because if it doesn't [insert dramatic music here] the world ceases to exist.

Pretty much the most pressure you can face but Clare is determined, despite her terrible habit of accidentally getting involved in the very story she's supposed to stay in the background of. Each time she tries to help she ruins it even further which is equally funny and irksome... but in a good way.

All in all this is a great series. The eposodes are only 20 minutes long and with only 10 to watch you can easily binge them in one day... or spread them out. Whatever you want... So I didn't have anything to do at the weekend, ok?!

That being said, perhaps spreading them out is for the best. I loved it so much but for such a short period of time I feel like I cheated myself out of some seriously good television. I really hope they come back with a second season! 

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