I think every GIRL should indulge in the racy HBO original show, GIRLS. It has everything every YA/twenty-something needs to know. Lena Dunham does something special in creating a realistic approach to deep and serious issues every GIRL goes through growing up from body image, sexual exploration, chasing your dream career and all the obstacles that get in the way, surviving alone and fending for yourself and of course friendships and heartache.

The show focuses on four quirky girls and their ordinary lives, they aren’t anything like the iconic Sex and the City girls, Carrie, Miranda, Samantha and Charlotte. Each girl reflects every emotion us GIRLS go through on a daily basis. It’s not easy fitting into society and with all the pressure from the media, we question everything in detail over analysing every situation from a simple text to a comment from a stranger in the street.

 The show dives straight into these issues, the sex scenes are very raw and have a gritty feel but cut straight to the bone. Other shows such as CW's The Vampire Diaries and ABC’s Pretty Little Liars sugarcoat these scenes almost as if the act is heaven-like and perfect each time which we all know is a complete lie, sex is messy and at times awkward but it’s also the perfect opportunity to express your body and figuring out what you like. Hanna and Adam's relationship focuses solely on sex and Adam has a different way of thinking to Hanna, however she goes along with most things he asks for and aims to please him every time even if it isn’t something she is really into.

 Nudity is also big and the camera captures the true awkward essence but what's so beautiful and clever in the art of film is the scenes aren’t fake like a cheap pornographic film but a true reflection of sex.

Marnie is known as the ‘prim and proper’ character throughout the series. Her natural beauty and optimistic attitude spurs her on to chase her career and work on her ‘perfect relationship’ with Ben. However, in season two we see her break down and her confusion comes across beautifully on screen as she begins to experiment both sexually but mentally.

Jessa’s character is troubled and she goes through a lot of heartache and mental issues the way she is presented is a free-spirited English rose but when you dive deeper it’s clear she’s just a lost and confused GIRL. She goes through a drug addiction and even has a miscarriage -two very serious issues that need to be addressed as teen pregnancy and drug addiction are present in today's society.

Shoshana may be portrayed as the lost innocent GIRL. She’s the virgin of the group to begin with, which many teenagers can relate to. When she eventually decides she wants to lose her virginity, she comes across as scared, not for the sake of her virginity but what the guy who’s is about to take her innocence away will think. She’s worried as she doesn’t how to act as well as the anticipated feelings of going into the unknown.

The message of the show is crucial. After all, Taylor says it best ‘We’re happy, free, confused and lonely in the best way.” It’s okay to be confused and still figuring it all out - you’re young and it’s important you hold onto that.

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