It's been a while since I've started a new TV show. BLAME SCHOOL, guys! Today I'm so excited to share with you a new show I've been on and on about that recently began in June and I've been watching ever since. Let's get started into the review, shall we? 

Humans is a British-American show on AMC about a futuristic society that depends on machines called synths, to practically run their lives. These synths are made to look like humans, but not think or feel like them. They are controlled by us, but not for long. This modern futuristic show discovers the aspect of machines slowly taking over and their evolution as some humans stray from the code of keeping machines emotionless and decide to play with fire. Human error is our future and we do things, as innovators, without knowing what the detriments are. 

What I Enjoyed

  • The show is not as cliche as the synopsis makes it out to be. When you first read the summary of the first episode, you hesitate because you're afraid this is going to turn out to be a really bad surrogate movie or it's going to have the most fake robots in the history of these kinds of shows. My initial reaction was that this show was going to turnout exactly like Surrogates, the movie with Bruce Willis! I'm so glad these synths weren't just suits that humans decided to wear to hide their real appearance and make themselves look more ideal. 
  • Terrific acting. The robots, or should I say surrogates, are played by real human people so it's up to them to them to act like a robot and talk like one. You know, have stiff movements, don't walk to fast, don't blink too much, and etc. 
  • More than one villain. It's hard to choose whether you're on the side of the machines of the humans. In this particular situation, I side with the machines because they can't help the way they are made. It's fun to analyze the different view points and find their reasons for doing what they do. 
  • It's not a science-based shows. Do you know what I mean by that? I'm trying to say that this show isn't filled with an endless amount of technical talk to confuse the audience. I feel like this show could teach people a lot of things about the way that future technology will run. It's peculiar, it really is. 


  • Because this is a British-American TV show, the characters have British accents. I was totally fine with it but I know this is definitely a turnoff to a lot of people who aren't used to accents and just don't enjoy them. I love accents! I think they're so cute, and I always try to impersonate a British or Australian person. 
  • Geared towards an older audience. There is a lot of swearing and sexual content. Like I'm not so sure a parent would be happy to see their 11-year-old son watching this show. I would say ages 15+.

I'm so glad I started Humans. This science fiction, futuristic robot-thriller will not only give you a new perspective on machines but also on humans and their carelessness in the area of science. There needs to be more primarily unique shows on TV like this one! 

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