Nashville Recap: Season 3 Episode 20 "Time Changes Things"

*All of our episode recaps contain spoilers*


Do you know what time does not change? My feelings towards Maddie. No, actually that’s a lie. I do find her more annoying each episode. As if her relationship with Deacon isn’t awkward enough, today he had the misfortune of walking in on her and Colt in the bedroom – half naked I may add. Deacon looked so traumatised; I think his liver considered curing itself out of pity. When he finally got his wits together, he chased Colt out of the house and tried to piece words together between the feelings of nausea. His sickness clearly subsided quicker than mine because when Juliette came by Rayna’s house later in the day, his speech was back to normal. Juliette’s stomach seemed completely unaffected as he confided in her and in her good health she offered to talk to Maddie. The conversation was, to my surprise, bearable to watch and a heartfelt moment and stroking of the ego later, she was back downstairs, calming Deacon’s heart rate down. Short lived, however, is any moment of peace for Deacon. Making the mistake of referencing a point in time further into the future than a few months, Juliette brought Deacon back to reality with a bang and he retaliated with a bomb.

While a cancer bomb went off in Rayna’s house, a Kiley bomb went off on Gunnar’s front doorstep. Indeed, the mother of the year came back to accept her award. Unbeknownst to her, karma had to introduce budget cuts in the three months she was gone and she was rewarded with a scolding from Gunnar rather than the son she left behind. So brutal was Gunnar’s tongue lashing, that it left Kylie’s tongue totally tied. Not that it would have made a difference. Another consequence of Karma’s austerity measures was Kylie being unable to defend herself. Fair? Maybe not. Judging by Kylie’s face, Karma acted rashly and tightened the purse strings too soon. She must have thought so because when Gunnar returned from his radio interview with Scarlett, she was still there. He was ready to start round two but in his absence, the cat had returned her tongue and she told him that she never cheated on him – Jason raped her. His anger dissipated as she recounted the night and soon all was forgiven. Feeling encouraged, she proceeded to call Mikah, who nullified any appeasement of guilt and immediately hung up.

The bomb squad was not so quick to forgive either. Having been briefed on the drop earlier in the day, Scarlett went to assess the situation, only to find out that Gunnar ruled it as not a threat. Failing to see a grey area when it comes to abandoning your child, Scarlett rebuffs Gunnar’s remark that Kylie didn’t have it very easy when she was young and reminds him that neither did they. His only form of defence being attack, he reacts by lashing out at Scarlett and questioning her “What makes you think you’re so much better than everyone else”. Oh Gunnar, you beautiful idiot. You should know better than to take on Scarlett. This time it’s his turn to be tongue tied and by the time Scarlett is finished with him, he hasn’t got a hope of unravelling it.

Rayna escaped the detonation of drama in Nashville, having flown to Bilox, Mississippi, to handle the state of emergency in Deacon’s body. The situation is .3 centimetres away from being a definitive death sentence and desperation caused Rayna to retrace Deacon and Scarlett’s steps. She went to beg Beverly to reconsider and, of course, her efforts were to no avail. The Claybourne stubbornness is unrelenting, even to Rayna who could sell ice to me if I was an Eskimo. In order to understand Beverly’s resoluteness, flashbacks were used in the episode, specifically focusing on when her relationship with Deacon deteriorated and her disdain for Rayna formed. We saw the day her and Deacon left for Nashville together, thick as thieves; their performance at the Blue Bird when Rayna and Deacon saw each other for the first time (I knew it was love at first sight!) and the day when Deacon left Beverly behind to go on tour with Rayna. In the eyes of Beverly, not only did Rayna steal her brother, she stole her career. For that reason, Beverly continues to say no but she has met her match in Rayna, who will not take it for an answer. Eventually Rayna, unwilling to admit defeat, speaks to Beverly in the only language she will respond to – Money.

Leaving that money trail, let us now walk on the one leading to Teddy. Assuming he had covered the track and paid off the only visitor, you can imagine Teddy’s surprise when he received a phone call from Natasha. Unable to live with the guilt, Natasha confessed to her betrayal and warned Teddy that the FBI was coming for him. With no intention of sticking around to see that happen, Teddy packed a bag and said his goodbye’s to his girls with Tiffany and Co. boxes. The expenditure later proved unnecessary when Cash, Teddy’s knight in shining armour turned up. An employee of the US Attorney’s office, Cash offered to completely extricate Teddy from the investigation. Trying a lie at first with “The last thing I want to do is see you lose everything”, Cash then decides the truth is better and admits he wants something in return. So maybe ‘knight in tin foil’ is more accurate.

As Teddy’s jaw drops south, we go west to LA, home of Jade St. John. Anti-climactic is the most accurate word I can use to describe Christina’s time on screen. Even putting her in a relationship with Luke didn’t make her more bearable to watch. If anything, it made me feel uncomfortable and apparently it made Luke feel the same way. After getting a glimpse into her life, he realised that they were just too different and he broke up with her. Don’t feel sorry for her though. You need to save your pity for Layla.            

When nice words fall on deaf ears, tough love is the best approach or so Jeff would have you think. Left to wallow in his misery at a party he didn’t want to attend, Jeff was furious to see Layla locking lips with Sully Fitzgerald. Recognise the name? Yes, it is the very same Sullivan she was going to tweet a picture of earlier in the party when the hostess informed her “What happens in Jade’s house, stays in Jade’s house”. She explained her behaviour as good publicity and Jeff, unable to stoop to that level of stupidity, let her be. The opportunity for revenge presented itself to Jeff when the night came to an end and Layla passed out on a bench. Picking up the bag she had drunkenly dropped, he tweeted the photo Jade specifically said Layla could not and set the wheels in motion for disaster.

(In case you were worried, Juliette survived the bomb. In fact, she came out stronger. Deacon reminded her of her enviable spontaneity, which inspired her to put on an impromptu rooftop concert.)

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