Nashville Recap: Season 3 Episode 23: 'Before You Go Make Sure You Know'

*All of our episode recaps contain spoilers*


This season finale jumped between storylines so much, that if I don’t break it down character by character, you might pass out from dizziness!

Before you go make sure you know; I love you.

Dreams are the secretaries of the subconscious, organising our daily influx of information and emotion into intelligible sections. It is the choice of the subconscious which section to inspect each night and Deacon’s is fixated on the emotions and information filed under ‘D’ for ‘Death’. Since his diagnosis, his resignation to death has seldom wavered. In his waking moments, it was within his power to control this sad truth. Come night, he was not so fortunate. His subconscious tortured him in two favoured nightmares; firstly, that he was being buried alive and secondly, that he was awake to watch as he flatlined and doctors attempted to save him. Thanks a lot Deacon; now my subconscious is snooping around my restricted section! Beverly, on the other hand, seems fine! She is too busy being Rayna’s worst nightmare to give much thought to her own. Apathetic towards Rayna’s gratitude, Beverly tells her “You put me in a terrible position when you showed up with that cheque. I’d either be the bitch who needed $1 million to save her brother or I’d be the bitch who $1 million wasn’t enough for”. Damn you Beverly, when you’re right, you’re right! But you’re also very wrong. She proceeds to call herself a hero, to which Rayna responds “I’ll pin the medal on you myself”. Well, if we’re giving out medals, I have one for her for ‘Most Bitter’ – just let me know if the ceremony will be before or after the wedding. Indeed, Deacon proposed! It was more out of fear but who really proposes out of love nowadays. Rayna is mindful of its trigger, and tells him that she will marry him but not here and not now. In an act of devotion, she exchanges vows with him and cleverly leaves out “till death do us part”. But death is parting someone, as one of the siblings’ flatlines and Caleb tells Rayna “I have some bad news”.

Before you go make sure you know; I did it for you.

Following the revelation about Tandy’s involvement with Senator Stern, Teddy-boy is left feeling uncertain about his arrangement with the US Attorney’s Office. When Dash questions him about his inactivity, he voices his discomfort at the likelihood of incriminating Tandy. Dash is quick to remind him that, the grass is dying on both sides but prison has far more weeds. Startled into action, he enlists Albert’s help again, and is made involuntarily privy to yet another secret – Highway 65 is financed by corrupt funds. He goes to see his handler and tells him that he is not willing to jeopardise Rayna’s business for the sake of their case. Agitated, his knight in tin foil morphs into the more fitting idiot in a bad suit, and has Teddy immediately arrested. If we are our choices, then Teddy is a good man. Kind of… I don’t know, I’m trying to throw the guy a bone.

Before you go make sure you know; It’s always been you.

With ‘Will they or won’t they’ couples, there is a fine line between ‘endearing’ and ‘annoying’. Not only did Gunnar and Scarlett cross the line into ‘annoying’, they are so far gone that they are roaming around in uncharted territory. It’s not as if rescue attempts haven’t been made. Caleb asked Scarlett to move in with him and she said yes. Kylie invited Gunnar to Texas with her to see Micah and he said yes. We even gave them writer’s block because we know music confuses their emotions! For a brief moment, things looked hopeful. But Scarlett recovered from the block quickly, and wrote a song so beautiful, that it provoked the two into an almost kiss but not an actual kiss. You know what Nashville – if they do, I don’t care and if they don’t, I don’t care. Stop torturing us! 

Before you go make sure you know; I’m gay and that’s okay.

Will’s closet doors were opened and closed so much in this finale, that by the time he came out, they were hanging by the hinges anyway. Yes, that’s right – Will came out! The first one to open the doors was Luke, who informed Will that ‘Enquire’ would be running a story about the pictures of him and Kevin. Wanting to “get out in front of it”, he told Will that when the question of his sexual orientation was asked, he would need an answer; whether it be that the pictures are of two guys working on material or two guys in a relationship. Will’s answer was to bolt the doors shut, by asking Kevin to deny the claims and go on record as saying that it was a working vacation. Kevin agrees to help him but to the detriment of their relationship. He tells Will “I have fought my whole life to stay out of the closet. I can’t climb back in every time someone snaps a picture of us”, and so he climbs out of Will’s closet and leaves an empty space both there and in Will’s heart. Shutting the doors forcefully from the outside is papa Lexington. When Will alerts him of the impending story, he asks – and I use the term loosely - “You have changed, right?” and in so doing, becomes front runner for the parent of the year award. As he overtakes Kylie, he leaves Will’s doors unattended. They inch open ever so slightly, and through the gap he sees Kevin walk away. The sight makes Will realise that the thought of losing Kevin is so much worse than the thought of coming out, and so he kicks the doors down. As Kevin looks behind him and sees everything Will worked for in the debris, Will tells him “None of it made me feel the way you do. Like myself. Like I could finally say something I never thought I would. I love you”. Here come the waterworks again!

Before you go make sure you know; I own you.

See, this is what happens when you don’t read the fine print on a contract. Let Layla’s hastiness be a lesson to you all. The poor girl signed herself over to the palm of Jeff’s hand and he has since entrapped her in a tight fist. The very same charm he used to beguile her into signing a contract, he continues to use to keep her away from all media. It also proves expedient when he tacitly implies she needs to lose weight, and she proceeds to drop a pound. Oh, don’t worry; her efforts are sufficiently rewarded with a slap on the butt and a “Looking good” comment. To Rayna and Bucky however, things are looking far from good. Every time they try to contact Layla, their attempts are intercepted by Jeff. Fortunately, omnipresence is a trait this dictator is lacking. The next time Rayna calls Layla, Jeff is otherwise distracted and the message finally reaches the right ears. Her concern is enough to plant a seed of doubt in Layla’s mind and, taking advantage of Jeff’s absence, she searches the internet for recent headlines. Torturing herself with the pictures from Jade St. John’s party, she glances upon one of her passed out with Jeff beside her.  But what’s that in his hand? Her phone! They say the truth will set you free – so run Layla, run as fast as you can! Or smash Jeff’s windshield with a golf club – that’s works as well. It pains me to say, she only kept her eyes open long enough to do that. A simple “I couldn’t lose you” from Jeff and she swiftly closed them again.  

Before you go make sure you know; I tried.

I have to say, the name ‘the baby’ is starting to grow on me. Before you judge me, consider how frequently it is used. If someone was to actually call Cadence by her given name, the whole cast probably wouldn’t know who they were talking about. Don’t tell Juliette I said that though! When Avery scolded her for calling the baby ‘that’, she jumped down his throat so quickly, that even I found myself choking. Luckily, she didn’t stay there for long, as she had to go to Highway 65 to play her album for Rayna. Well, lucky for the two of us. Rayna, Bucky and Glen got caught in the firing line of Juliette’s anger, and each got a “Screw you” as a thanks for caring about her. She rotated those screws so tightly, that the one in her mind came completely lose. And what’s the first thing you do when you lose your sanity? Go to Jeff Fordham. Seeing how he took a “reality show reject and platformed her into a celebrity”, she is convinced that he is the one to get her career back on track. What’s more, he couldn’t care less about her wellbeing. Avery, on the other hand, cares too much. After visiting the doctor and being told that all he can do to help Juliette is encourage her, he does just that, but is met with yet another rebuff.  Unaware that she lost the most important screw, Avery refuses to give Juliette the baby in her heated state, and she retaliates by throwing a snow globe at father and child. But this isn’t what breaks his heart. What breaks it is the fact that Juliette would go back to Jeff Fordham; that when he asks her if she needs her career more than she needs him, she doesn’t reply. With nothing left to be said, he leaves. And as that door closes, the door to her career opens. The newest artist at Wheelin’ Dealin’ Records, she is set to be the opening act for Luke on tour. She got everything she wished for and not an inch more.

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