Pretty Little Liars Recap: Season 6 Episode 3 ‘Songs of experience’

*All of our episode recaps contain spoilers*


 “Pretty Little Liars has so many plot twists, I’m starting to think I’m A”

I know the above quote was said in jest but what if I am A? Seriously, it could be me! I mean, it’s definitely not Andrew.  Sara said so. Well, she’s not sure sure, just pretty sure, but that’s good enough for me. Unless Spencer just doesn’t know about it, and you actually can obtain a hall pass to go feed your hostage, I think it’s time to concede that Andrew puts the ‘a’ in scapegoat and not ‘A’.

As for Sara, she puts every letter into ‘creepy’. She’s twisted Emily around her little finger so tight, that the circulation has been completely cut off. It would seem a consequence of poor circulation in your finger is asking awkward questions like “Did you think I looked feral?”. Any other person would have called a spade a spade and said yes, but Emily called a spade a watering can and told Sara she looked more like a lost puppy. We’ll agree to disagree; but I will say, Sara definitely requires the same amount of attention as a puppy. Not only did Emily stay home to take care of her new pet, she even gifted ‘A’ with a burner phone. Oh sorry, did I say A? I meant Sara (no I didn’t).

The only Liar to attend school was Hanna, as Aria decided to play hooky and hide out at the coffee shop. In her defence, it was Ezra’s suggestion. Need I say more? Sadly, hooky is only applicable to school, and Aria could not hide from reality. So Ezra suggested another game – detective. Pretending to be a detective from the Rosewood Police Department, Ezra told a nurse that he needed to verify some information about Andrew. He questioned her as to his date and place of birth, and was met with an interesting response. Andrew’s date and place of birth could not be provided because they are sealed with the rest of his adoption records. OMG. I can’t believe Andrew is adopted! What an unexpected plot twist, right? No. We may not know who A is but give us a little credit.  If the revelation wasn’t necessary for the development of the episode, and Ezra wasn’t the one to deliver the news, I would have taken far greater offence!

Ezra’s ability to assuage strong emotions should really be utilised; or he should try to teach Spencer his technique. As much as I love her, she has a habit of adding insult to injury. Take her conversation with Ali for example; Ali is still in denial about her father’s feigned ignorance, and Spencer decided shouting was the best way to reason with her. It wasn’t, but threatening to ask Jason was. The thought of involving their brother turned Ali into an emotional and very honest mess.  “I’m under every stone that somebody turns over. I make people into people that they never were. It always comes down to me. Everyone would be fine without me”. Okay, let’s see; true, true, true and true. Four for four Ali, congratulations! We forgive you though. In fact, I would go as far as to say I want to see you happy. The same cannot to be said of Toby, who asks Spencer to talk to Ali about keeping away from his partner. He reminds her of Ali’s history with cops or anyone she can use, and how she only ever looks out for herself.  Remind us to refrain from morally corrupting Toby again, if he is going to continue to interfere. His dear partner was the one to ask Ali to become supervisor for the girls’ soccer team, and to counter all her attempts at self-deprecation. So next time you play the blame game Toby, at least follow the rules and blame the right person. Anyway, why are we worrying about Ali when we should be worrying about Sarah? She has successfully twisted Mrs. Fields around her other little finger, by spinning a story about how her mother gave away her clothes because she needed the space. She told mother and daughter that she ran away from home because she couldn’t pretend to be happy anymore. Well you can pretend to be sane, so surely happy isn’t too hard?

Fortunately bonding time was cut short by Hanna, who called an intervention. The other girls’ failure to attend school provoked Hanna to talk to Dr. Sullivan, and she told her “I think the thing that A hated the most was that we were friends. Like ruining that was the big win. And maybe it was”. In an effort to save their friendship, she made them all go to Dr. Sullivan’s office for a group session, but of course, it never happened. Spencer came bursting in and enlightened the girls as to who Charles DiLaurentis is. He is better known as Charlie, and he was Jason’s imaginary friend when he was younger. One day Mr. DiLaurentis told Jason that Charlie had to go away and he never saw him again. Aria read all our minds when she asked “If Jason’s dad knew that Charlie was Jason’s imaginary friend, why wouldn’t he just tell Alison that when she asked him?”. Exactly Aria, exactly.  A stickler for timing, Charles sent Emily a face chat request before the girls could do anything with the information. He/She/It was filming Sara asleep and told the girls that they had thirty seconds to leave the room or someone would die. They hightailed it out of there and went straight to Emily’s house.

I knew Sara was fine, and you knew Sara was fine, but they didn’t. The relief of finding her safe and sound (and I use that word loosely) was short lived however, as Mrs. Field came home and told them that Andrew was being released. He has an alibi from when Mona was taken from her house, and he was having his appendix removed the weekend Sara was kidnapped, so there is no case. What’s more, he was still in custody when the phone call was made. The Liars were thus forced to take Andrew’s piece out of their puzzle and focus instead on where Charlie fit in - with the help of Ali. She could no longer deny her father’s deceit, or ignore Jason’s past declarations that something was missing from the DiLaurentis family. “I always thought he was talking about himself. But maybe he wasn’t the one that was removed”. The hunt began to find evidence of Charles in the house, and Aria found a photo hidden in a jar of buttons. Taken the same day as the home video from the dollhouse, it pictured Mrs. DiLaurentis and two boys. They left Ali to come to terms with the implications of the photo and ventured home, only to be met by a very angry Andrew.

I must say, even I was left feeling guilty by his rant, and I never believed he was A! “Do you know where I was the three weeks they were trying to find me? Looking for you. I was going to be the hero. Instead I get arrested, thrown in jail, they investigate my parents; tear up my uncle’s farm, because I wanted to help you. Because I didn’t believe what people said about you and your friends”. It’s heart-rending right?  It was also surprisingly helpful, as it induced a much needed conversation between the girls about the ‘game of torture’.  Aria’s admittance that she was never shocked led to the discovery that A had tricked them. “The point was that we thought we hurt each other. That’s what Charles really wanted us to know, that there was a point that we would do it. Any of us. All of us”.  Oh Charles, you really are the devil aren’t you? 

The bad times just kept on coming for Spencer, who was pestered by her mother upon her arrival home.  Luckily her sharp tongue isn’t affected by exhaustion; so when her mother asked if the girls had tricked Andrew into helping them, she replied “It’s made up of facts. That doesn’t make it true”. Not sensing the tone, her mother then asked “How was it? Going back to school?”, to which Spencer responded “Don’t do that. Don’t try to catch me in a lie, it’s humiliating”. Really Veronica? Passive aggressiveness is so unattractive. Then again, Mr. DiLaurentis’s aggressiveness isn’t very becoming either. At first, he refused to answer any questions, but then he stopped resisting and told Jason and Alison the truth. I think… we don’t know what he said! We just saw Ali holding her face in her hands and shouting “What?”. Come on Ali, use your words! What did he say!

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