Revenge Recap: Season 4 Episode 22 ‘Plea’

*All of our episode recaps contain spoilers*


When death knocks at your door, what are you to do? Do you accept your fate and answer? Do you fasten the bolts and close the latch? Or do you amicably invite Death in? There is no shame in not knowing that the third option was a possibility. It seems it is reserved for those who have an understanding with death; namely Victoria Grayson who was, for a second time, resurrected. Although in her case ‘understanding’ seems a bit impersonal. Judging by the execution and success (so far) of her plan, Victoria and death hatched out the conspiracy together over tea and cake. But while I may have been fooled, a lot of you weren’t. So quickly get ‘I told you so’ out of your systems and let’s move on to the important stuff.

Where else to begin but with our favourite love story? Yes, after four torturous years, Emily has finally confessed her feelings for Jack! After learning that she followed him to the airport, Jack decided to stay in the Hamptons. Well, according to him, he stayed because David has Lymphoma, but no one really believes that and it doesn’t make for a romantic beginning to the story. So, let’s stick with mine and continue. Taking a moment to escape the storm, the two shared a moment so sweet it made my teeth ache, and a near kiss so romantic it made my heart ache. They were interrupted however, by Nolan, who reminded them of the rain before they prematurely made their way to the rainbow.

And when it rains, it pours. Actually, if you’re facing murder one with special circumstances, I would say it floods. Adamant not to plead guilty to a crime she didn’t commit, Emily, with gritted teeth and a set jaw, told her lawyer to get her bailed out. This he did, though his success came from exasperation rather than skill. The judge, unable to listen to his or the prosecutor’s ramblings any longer, set bail at $ 2 million and on the condition that she is under house arrest. The honour of being Emily’s babysitter and placing the ankle monitor on her was grasped with both hands by Ben. Incapable of enjoying the calm before the cloudburst, Emily was already considering ways to breach her bail conditions before Ben had even turned the monitor on. Needless to say, it was genius. Nolan cloned the signal from her monitor, linked it to another one and, after setting off alarms and shorting out the power grid, took hers offline and activated the bought one. The latter was to remain at the beach house and David, choosing the wrong time to play the “I am your father” card, found it upon his wrist after the momentary blackout.  And so the calm became thunder and lightning.

Her journey for absolution took her to the trailer park where Nolan had last tracked Mason. Predictably he was not there, but he left the whisperings of the undead in his wake. According to a neighbouring couple, Mason was accompanied by a lady friend with big sunglasses, good skin and something regal about her.  Sound familiar? Listen quickly, because the murmurings of the immortal can’t be heard over the shouts of the police. Indeed, Emily was caught. While she was gone, the interference caused by Nolan was resolved and her signal went back online. Surrounded by Suffolk County PD, State Police and the US Marshals office, Emily had no hope of escape and her fate was left in the hands of her loved ones.

As we all know, Nolan has a bit of a slippery grip and David’s hands are currently bound by Lymphoma, so it fell upon Jack to carry the greatest burden. Convinced that Victoria had more than one accomplice, he paid Margaux a visit and was greeted with a host of imaginative metaphors. Thankfully her wit falls short after the use of literary techniques. As she made her exit in her LeMarchal town car, Jack’s eyes fixed upon her licence plate and a look of recognition came across his face. It was the very same licence plate that we saw on the car which dropped Mason off at the trailer park. Wasting no time, David visited Emily in jail and informed her of Jack’s newfound knowledge. Seeing a shaft of sunlight penetrate the grey clouds, Emily told her father she needed “five minutes, in a room, with Margaux LeMarchal”. Obviously more taken aback than his facial expressions would have us assume, David collapsed and thus the conversation abruptly ended. But there was no need for unease because Jack was there to appease. Having overheard Margaux’s assistant confirm an appointment at the jewellers, Jack got a friend of his who works in private security to act as a guard at the store. This friend intercepted Margaux’s departure by setting of the alarm and as is normal protocol, asking her to open her purse. Needless to say, it was not by chance that he found a pair of earrings in there. Outraged, Margaux threw quite the tantrum, and when she continued not to get her way, she hit him with a backhand that put the ouch in ‘youch’! She also put the rise in Emily and Jack’s little surprise as she was arrested and taken to their contrived cell block reunion.

I don’t know about her but I thoroughly enjoyed it. With only eleven minutes to delight in each other’s company, Emily didn’t even attempt to play nice. Starting with some light-hearted taunting, she quickly moved on to a more daunting approach and told Margaux about her practical munitions training (The art of taking anything from your immediate environment and turning it into a weapon). If the thought wasn’t terrifying enough, Emily was placing batteries and steel keys into a sock as she said it. In no time at all Margaux was singing like a canary, and her tune was a song written by Victoria called ‘Victory’. It went a little something like this:

·         The assault in the parking garage? Staged. It was in fact Margaux who attacked Victoria.

·         She cut her hand and smeared the blood on the door frame to make it seem as if she had been attacked. The remaining blood she gave to Mason to plant in Emily’s car.

·         She adjusted her grip on the pen when she wrote her suicide note, so that it would look like a good but not great forgery.

·         Without a body or remains that could be identified as her own, the plan would not work; so Victoria acquired an unclaimed corpse from New Jersey (Mary Gaines) and this was the body found in the debris.

·         She placed her engagement ring from Pascal on the corpse’s finger.

Catchy isn’t it? Even Ben, who initially didn’t want to hear it, couldn’t get it out of his head. If he ever had any hope of resistance, it was thwarted by Louise, who brought an interesting gift to the precinct – a black hoody identical to the one worn by the parking garage assailant. Now the song had his undivided attention, and skipping straight to the chorus he went to New Jersey to find Mary Gaine’s body. To his dismay, though not surprise, it was not at the morgue; and so he ventured to her last known residence. Picking the lock, he let himself in and followed the noise of the running shower. And there she was - Victoria Grayson, in the flesh. This chance meeting lasted only a fleeting moment, as the stealthy White Gold was lurking in the dark, waiting to stab Ben. We have the idiocy of Louise and the rashness of Margaux to thank for that. Does that sound sarcastic? Because I mean it – thank you! It’s not all doom and gloom - Ben got to sing the final line of the song before he died, “Son of a b***h, you are alive”.

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