Scream Queens Recap: Season 1 Episode 10 'Thanksgiving'

*All of our episode recaps contain spoilers*

As everyone on campus prepares for Thanksgivings Gigi and the Red Devil are having their own festive meal before planning their next kill. Chanel goes to the Hamptons with Chad and his family. A disastrous meal is made even worse when Hester turns up alive-her neck brace saving her from the fall. As the evening continues and the awful reality of how awful Chad's family really is causes Chanel to deliver some home truths to the family and apologies to Hester. Hester and Chanel leave united. Meanwhile the Kappa girls, Dean Munsch, Pete and Wes gather at Kappa house for Thanksgiving and start announcing who their mains suspects are. In the midst of accusations Pete provides proof that Wes is the father of the bath tub babies, shocking everyone including Wes. Wes and Grace reconcile and vow to bring the last red devil down no matter what. As the group gather for Thanksgiving meal with Chanel, Hester and Chad also in attendance, they make a horrible discovery as the first platter is revealed to be Gigi's severed head.

I admit I was disappointed when Hester was revealed to be alive. Not because I dislike Hester but because it seemed a good twist to kill off a main character in this way.  Instead the triangle between Chanel, Chad and Hester rages on which is starting to become dull. Although I did enjoy seeing the girls meet Chad's outstandingly awful family and loved Chanel's speech she gave them emphasizing how horrible they are. I was also relieved when the two girls finally became like friends and told Chad where to shove it. But then Chad and Chanel seemingly reunite at the end and I want to scream in frustration.

A much more satisfying sub plot was that we got to know a bit more and Chanel no 3. Her real name is Sadie Swenson and she has a distant and neglectful family ( this seems to be a theme as most of the Kappa girls have horrid home lives, which perhaps is why they are so reluctant to leave Kappa house despite a serial killer on the loose, that and plot convenience). I loved watching Chanel no 3 stand up to her family and announce she's going back home instead. I love this character so much which makes me worried she won't last too long.

It was also fun to have the majority of the remaining characters listing their main subjects, with Dean Munsch, Chanel no 3, Pete, Wes and Grace coming under fire. We also have the revelation that Wes is the dad of the bath tub babies. Wes is distraught by the news, seemingly unaware he was their father. I had wondered if Wes was the father earlier on but had been distracted with all the other plots and red herrings. So the remaining Red Devil is Grace's sibling, will this make Grace more or less of a target? Is this revenge just against Kappa or is it against Wes too? There's bound to be more revelations to come. Hopefully next week we'll find out why Gigi had to go as well.

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