Scream Queens Recap: Season 1 Episode 11 'Black Friday'

*All of our episode recaps contain spoilers*

It's Black Friday and as the Chanel's are out shopping the Red Devil attacks them in the mall. The Red Devil shots Chanel's shoulder with a crossbow before Denise and two security guards show up. As the entire police force has been sacked due to their incompetence Denise is now head of the police. Unfortunately as sh's explaining thus to Chanel the Red Devil kills a guard and gets away. As Kappa house meets to discuss the Red Devil Chanel says she believes Dean Munsch is the Red Devil. As she announces a shocking plan to kill the Dean Zayday is even more surprised to find Grace agreeing with her. Howerever an attempt by Grace and Chanel to poison her is unsuccessful. After Grace changes her mind the Chanel's and Zayday (now changed her mind) make another unsuccessful attempt to kill the Dean. At the end of the episode Pete makes a shocking admission to Grace.

So the worlds worst police force is finally sacked for being so rubbish. And making Denise the new chief of police is a stroke of genius as she's just as incompetent as those she's replaced.  It's just a shame she's not in the episode more.

The plan to kill the Dean is fun and it's interesting that Grace is on board at first. I also enjoy any svenes whete Jamie Lee Curtis is at the forefront. However it also feels like a but if a filler plot as does a lot of this episode. There's only a few episodes left and with no main characters killed this episode it feels like the series is dragging slightly. I just want to find out who the killer is already!

Then there's Pete, who reveals some interesting information this week. Firstly at Boone's will reading Pete admits to Chad that Bone was Pete's leak at the paper about the fraternity. He also has a mysterious telephone conversation with an unknown person about how he is leaving campus and they should get away. He also admits to feeling guilty about something, but what? I admit that I was expecting Pete to be killed off this episode what with Chad challenging Pete to a dual and Pete and Grace getting closer to having sex (always a bad idea in these kind of things).  He then admits to Grace that he has killed someone. While it seems he is conspiring with someone is he actual a Red Devil. Maybe its something unrelated to what's going on on campus? If he is involved with the red devil he's probably not the main red devil, maybe there's a secret partner or another group we don't know about?

Whatever it is further twists are bound to come.

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