Scream Queens Recap: Season 1 Episode 12 'Dorkus'

*All of our episode recaps contain spoilers*

Pete reveals to Grace that he was recruited by Boone and the other Red Devil and he killed Rodger and Boone. Grace is disgusted by Pete but is persuaded to stay so he can reveal the identity of the other Red Devil-one of the Kappa sisters. However before he can reveal their identity the Red Devil kills Pete and knocks Grace out. Chanel is subjected to an national hate campagine after her email rant to the kappa girls is sent viral by the Red Devil. Zayday manages to stop Chanel from committing suicide just as a Red Devil appears. Except its not the Red Devil but a pizza guy forced to dress as one and with a bomb strapped to him. The bomb goes off killing him but the girls get away in time. Grace asks her dad to distract Dean Munsch (by sleeping with her) while Grace and Zayday searches the Kappa girls records. Chanel and Chanel no 3 go to Dorkus'  house so Chanel can apologise to her on camera and win America back round. However Chanel then tries to kill Dorkus as she believed she is the Red Devil, but is interrupted by Grace and Zayday who have proof that Hester is the killer. Back at the Kappa house the girls find Hester on the floor with a shoe in her eye, with her possible last breath she looks to Chanel no and says Red Devil.

So Pete was a Red Dervil after all. While it plays a bit to close to cliche horror conventions to have the love interest be a killer it is fitting with Pete's character and his motives. I also liked that he called Grace out on her hypocrisy considering she was involved with the plot to kill the Dean and said she thought the Red Devil had the right idea. Of course Pete is killed before he can reveal who the Red Devil is. So why is Grace left alive? Is it because she's the half sister of the bath tub babies? Or is something else planned?

 I liked the scene betweenGrace and her dad where he tells her not to doubt herself because of Pete.  Wes also takes one for the team when he seduced the Dean to distract from Grave's shopping which the Dean of course already knows about. What she doesn't expect is Wes to say how much he genuinely likes her now. But the Dean's revelation that she can only be with him unless Grave is not around puts a dampener on things. What will Wes decide?

Meanwhile Chanel's breakdown could have been a chance for a real development of her character as she realises her words are like weapons and she has to change. Unfortunately she still seems to treat everyone the same and wants to go for a 'redemption' tour purely so she can regain her status and get Chad back. Sigh. Emma Roberts plays Chanel well but I wish the character could have grown over the series. Who knows maybe that will come in the last episode?

So at first it seems Hester is the killer with her records being a fake ( I loved that she claimed her high school was called Sweet Valley High!) but thatshoe in the eye did not look self inflicted (although you never know in this show). She appears to suggest Chanel no 5 is the killer but is she? What would the last episode be about otherwise? Could it have been one of the others Chanels standing next to no 5 that Hester was referring to? And what about what Pete said that Boone told him that there was a conspiracy of killers on campus. Was he talking about the Red Devil team or another group of killers? And are they related to these killings or will they be used to set up another season of Scream Queens?

Either way I thoroughly look forward to the season finale!

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