Scream Queens Recap: Season 1 Episode 13 'The Final Girl(s)'

*All of our episode recaps contain spoilers*

Hester is revealed to the audience as the Red Devil, having stabbed herself non fatally in the eye. She successful manages to frame Chanel no 5 as the Red Devil, Chanel no 3 as having a split personality who killed Sam and Chanel as a killer taking advantage of the Red Devil's murders.  Five months later Zayday us sole president of the Kappas, Grace is vice president and Hester is the treasurer. Dean Munsch tells Hester she knows she is the real killer but Hester blackmails her with her knowledge of the Dean's own murder if her husband. The two call a friendly truth. Wes and the Dean are planning a long vacation together allowing Wes to give his daughter the space and trust she needs. Chad and Denise are in a serious relationship but have to part ways when Denise gets a job with the FBI. Meanwhile the Chanels are found guilty in court and sent to the sane asylum Gigi, Hester and Bone were in. Amazingly enough the Chanel's love the asylum with Channel releasing not having to keep thin for boys, Chanel no 3 starts a relationship with a female nurse and Chanel no 5 is put on medication which makes her more bareabke even becoming genuine best friends with Chanel. As the girls prepare to go to sleep Chanel hears a strange noise then the Red Devil appears over her bed about to kill her as the episode cuts to black.

So it was Hester after all! Refreshingly this is revealed at the beginning of the episode meaning we get her back story. With her and brother Boone being raised by Gigi in the asylum the kids were brought up on revenge. To hide in plain sight Hester stole a girl's back brace as she knew no one would want to ask the crazy back brace girl anything about herself.  We're also explained that it was Boone that did most of the killing apart from when Hester killed Pete ( although this could be a lie considering it was probably Hester who killed Gigi).  In the end I think the killer reveal was well executed and not the let down I feared. The motive and explanation makes sense (well in the world of Scream Queens anyway). It was also a nice twist to have Hester get away with it all, at least until the next season anyway.

I was also glad that my favourite character Chanel no 3 was still alive by the end of the season and I loved the court scene It was also a touch of brilliance that due to Chanel's arrogance and blunt tounge she inadvertently changes the jury's not guilty verdict to guilty. It was also funny that the Chanels turned out to love the asylum with Chanel voted as Asylum president, of course.  Most of the characters get resolutions to their storylines. Denise somehow managed to get a job with the FBI (who knows how many innocent people she's put away) and her break up with Chad is hilarious, with Denise quoting TLCs Waterfall lyrics and Chad claiming he'll never bang anyone as much as he banged her.

A few minor irritations though, while I can imagine most of the characters believing Hester's lies about the Chanels surely Grace and Zayday would be smart enough to see through her. Also surely Hester and Bone would have been taken into social services rather than being brought up in asylum and being looked after by a non relative like Gigi. Those points aside Scream Queens has been an enjoyably camp sometimes ridiculous mystery horror/comedy. And I look forward to seeing what the next season has to bring.

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