Scream Queens Recap: Season 1 Episode 2 'Texas Chainsaw Mascara'

*All of our episode recaps contain spoilers*

The pledges are encouraged to move into the Kappa house after the murder of Tiffany. Promised protection around the clock they are instead left with inept security guard Denise. Meanwhile Grace hears the story of the dead girl in the bath and the baby from Chanel. Pete behaviour becomes more suspicious. Chanel and her boyfriend Chad break up, get back together and break up again, while Chad’s friend Boone is threatened with coming out of the closet. Also the Red Devil strikes again, but one victim may not be as dead as they appear.

Two episodes in and the show seems to be hitting its stride and growing in confidence. While there’s not as gruesome deaths as last week there are still some surprises such as Boone’s death and resurrection. He appears to be working with the Red Devil be is it all that that it seems? The amount of times we have seen the Red Devil makes me convinced there is more than one person with a Red Devil outfit. But are they all killers or is only one Red Devil a killer and the others are working on something else? I’m hopeful that even if I’m confused at the moment the show’s creator know where they are going.

We’re also given more details on the 1995 Kappa baby, although considering the source-Chanel-are any of these new details real? If it is true then Professor Munsch and Ms Bean were involved in the cover up. It also appears that Grace is ruled out as the 1995 baby as she is only 18 whereas the baby would be 20 in a month’s time. However she could be lying about her age or if she was adopted maybe she doesn’t know her real date of birth. At the moment Grace suspects Pete due to finding a Red Devil costume in his wardrobe and is of the right age to be the 1995 baby. It was interesting that the Red Devil costume is the school’s mascot so maybe several people could have the costume over the years. Pete seems too obvious to be the red Devil, unless it’s a big double bluff. Right now I’m suspecting everyone-apart from those who are definitely dead.

This episode is less creepy than last week’s instalment but there are plenty of funny moments. I laughed out loud at Pete’s rubbish attempts at breaking and entering. The show is also good at mixing the dark humour, whether it’s the girlish scream of the fraternity guys on discover of Boone’s ‘body’ or Denise’s reaction at finding her security partner Shondelldead “ Shondell why have you got a knife in your neck!” The cast is also thoroughly enjoying herself with Jamie Lee Curtis stealing the show again as Principle Munsch. Lea Michele also appears to revel at expressing Hester’s morbid fascination with disposing of bodies.

So far so fun, let’s hope they can keep this up.

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