Scream Queens Recap: Season 1 Episode 3 'Chainsaw'

*All of our episode recaps contain spoilers*

Grace, Zayday and Denise finally get suspicious about Chanel no 2’s disappearance and go to her parent’s house for answers. Later Grace and Pete reconcile, while Denise thinks there’s two Red Devils and accuse Zayday of being one of them. Reeling from her break up with Chad, Chanel gives Hester a makeover to become Chanel no 6, meanwhile Chad and his fraternity buddies go out to avenge Boone’s death only to come across two chainsaw wielding Red Devils. At the end the Red Devil shows up at the Kappa House and attacks Gigi and Wes, who then accuse Dean Munsch.

The deaths keep on coming in Scream Queens and it doesn’t seem like we’re any closer to finding out what the hell is going on. What does seem apparent is that there are at least two Red Devils at work here as Chad and his friends discover to their misfortune. One of the funniest moments of the series so far has been Chad and his friends hunting the Red Devil while Backstreet’s Back plays in the background. Unfortunately for them their baseball bats are no match chainsaws! While Chad escaped unharmed his friend Caulfield isn’t as lucky as he comically loses both arms. I’m glad Chad survived as he is one of the finniest characters in the show. He may be a one not character but it’s a brilliant one. Another breakout character is Chanel no 3 who comes out with the revelation that she think she’s Charles Manson’s daughter!

This week’s other great moment is the all too brief introduction of Sconey the College’s new mascot. However the Red Devil is not happy about being replaced and so Sconey is bumped off as quickly as he was introduced. Once again a chainsaw is used to do the deed, perhaps inspired by Wes who showed Texas Chainsaw Massacre in his film studies class. Can’t be a coincidence, can it? It’s hard to know with this show what is the Red Devil and what is just a red herring. But just as the audience are coming up with their lead suspect so are the protagonists. Grace thinks it’s Chad after finding out he dated Chanel no 2 (as well as all the other Chanels), while Zayday and Dean Munsch are both called out as a Red Devil.

I don’t know why the Red Devil is taking on the bodies (or where), or what exactly is Boone’s connection to the Red Devil, surely it’s too obvious he’s one of them? Whatever is going on I’m being thoroughly entertained! Bring on next week’s episode.

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