Scream Queens Recap: Season 1 Episode 4 'Haunted House'

*All of our episode recaps contain spoilers*

Grace and Pete have a lead on the bath baby when they locate Mandy Greenwell, one of the Kappa girls who discovered the dead girl in the bath. She stuns Grace by revealing that Dean Munsch covered up the death and that the baby was not a boy but a girl. This leads Grace to ask her dad some questions about her birth but gets no answers. Meanwhile Zayday announces her plan to run for Kappa house president enraging Chanel and then both girls coming up with haunted house parties (or pumpkin patch) to win votes. The house Zayday picks seems to be connected to the bath baby with an unseen hag possibly having looked after the baby in the 90s. Unfortunately the Red Devil decides to dump all the dead bodies they’ve murdered around Zayday’s haunted house and Zayday gets kidnapped by the Red Devil. At the end it’s revealed that Gigi was the hag.

While not as funny as last week, Scream Queens still has plenty of hilarious moments such as Chanel’s self-made holiday Chanel-o-ween. Chad and Hester’s outrageous flirtation over corpses and then panic when they finally see several in the haunted house is the highlight of the episode. While Zayday and Denise accusations against each other are amusing they also throw a possible motive Denise’s way when it’s revealed that she tried to pledge Kappa and was rejected because of the Kappa’s racism. I hope  the Red Devil isn’t Zayday or Denise as I like them both and I hope neither of them get killed but I doubt many characters will make it through the season. And why did the Red Devil kidnap Zayday instead of killing her straight away? Is this another red herring?

It’s interesting that Grace now thinks she could be the Kappa bath baby, with the revelation that her baby photos and birth certificate were mysteriously burnt in a fire. Is it too obvious to be her? And even if she is the baby it doesn’t mean she’s the Red Devil. Or maybe it does, I have no idea!

Another funny scene had the Chanels kicking the crap out of two sexist guys on campus. While this was fun and the Chanels made some good points, it was a bit random and didn’t seem to further to plot. Maybe it was to show that the Chanels are much smarter and vicious then we think they are. Enough to plan these murders?

Four episodes in and the show is running along quite nicely.  Maybe we’ll find out more about Gigi being the hag? I presume this means she was the brunette in the flashback who was holding the baby and seemed genuinely upset by the girl’s death. Hopefully we’ll get an answer regarding that next week.

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