Scream Queens Recap: Season 1 Episode 6 'Seven Minutes in Hell'

*All of our episode recaps contain spoilers*

After Zayday and Chanel tie for the Kappa Presidency Chanel unexpectedly agrees to share the Presidency with Zayday. She later reveals to Chanel no3 and 5 that she is rigged the vote so that Zayday would be in the Red Devil’s firing line. Meanwhile Zayday and Grace decide to hold a slumber party to force one of the girls to reveal something about the Red Devil but instead Sam is killed during a dare by a Red Devil and the girls find themselves locked inside the house. Later  Chad and his friends come over to Kappa, both Caulfield and Roger to be killed by the Red Devil. Zayday and Chanel escape through a secret passage way and go for help and Chanel surprisingly saves Zayday from the Red Devil. Grace also stands up to her father and refuses to leave Kappa House.

This week’s Scream Queens mostly takes place inside the Kappa house and has the girls bringing up their accusations to each other and another Kappa girl is killed off. Poor Sam, she didn’t get much to do and I thought she might go eventually but I was expecting more between her and Chanel no 3 first. As the Red Devil reveals its true face to Sam she says that she had suspected them all along. Who does she mean? Has there been someone that she’s given suspicious looks to in previous episodes? Chanel no2 would be too obvious and I think she did actually care for Sam in her own way. The other victims this episode were poor Caufield-who already had his arms cut off previously, and Chanel no 5 last surviving boyfriend Roger. She doesn’t have much luck in love does she?

In the previous episode Gigi told the Red Devil to kill an unknown male. Surely Caulfield and Roger weren’t big enough characters for it to be them, unless they unwittingly knew something about the Red Devil that could lead back to their real identity? It’s more likely though another male character has been targeted for the Red Devil.

Chanel said at the beginning of the show that she was hoping her ceding the presidency would mean Zayday would be in danger rather than her, yet she saves her from the Red Devil in the tunnel. Does she actually have a heart or playing another game? Perhaps she is directing her fury at Hester and Chanel no 5 after accusing them both of being the murderer.

Although a few more have been added to the body count there are still a lot more questions and few answers. With multiple Red Devils around it’s hard to work out which characters it could be the killers. Roll on next week!

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