Scream Queens Recap: Season 1 Episode 7 'Beware of Young Girls'

*All of our episode recaps contain spoilers*

Chanel no 2 is finally given a funeral , though Chanel gives a scathing eulogy of Chanel no 2 and her antics with Chad. Chanel no 3 and 5 set up an Ouja board with Hester to smooth things over between Chanel and Chanel no 2. However it causes more trouble when it seems to accuse Chanel of being the murderer causing the other Chanels and Hester plotting to murder Chanel in a pre-emptive strike. During a dream Chanel is visited by Chanel no 2 who warns her of the plot to kill her. This forces to Chanel to make up with the Chanel and aims to prove that Grace and Zayday are the killers. Meanwhile Dean Munsch is accused of killing her ex-husband and is sent to a mental institution. She asks Pete and Grace to look into her husband’s murder and in return she will give them information on the bath tub baby. Further evidence into the case points the killer as Feather, Munsch’s husband’s mistress. After Dean Munsch is released it is revealed to the audience that she did in fact murder her husband and set Feather up to take the fall.

It’s great to see Jamie Lee Curtis to the forefront again after her small appearance in last week’s episode. You can tell how much fun she’s having in the show and Munsch is a great character. I loved the scene where she’s talking about how she used to design dresses and then gives Grace a childlike drawing of her work.  Although it was a bit obvious that Munsch did murder her ex it was still an enjoyable plot as she manages to manipulate Grace and Pete to do her dirty work for her.  While she may be a murderer I don’t think she is one of the Red Devils. Especially as Gigi seems to be in charge and I can’t imagine taking instructions from her.

Speaking of Gigi we hear her side of a telephone conversation with a Red Devil. It appears that the person she wanted the Red Devil to kill is another member of their team, the one that kidnapped Zayday instead of killing her.  Why did that Red Devil not want to kill Zayday-is he is love with her or does this particular Red Devil not like killing as much as the others?

Meanwhile the Chanels are busy plotting against each other until they eventually decide to work together. I doubt both Zayday and Grace are Red Devils despite what Chanel thinks. Considering Gigi didn’t like the Red Devil kidnapping Zayday instead of murdering her then surely Zayday can’t be a suspect anymore? Or am I being thrown of the scent? Anyway during the Ouja board séance Chanel no 2 (or someone else) says the murderer is you. Everyone jumps to the conclusion that its Chanel as she asked the question but maybe it was referring the no 3, 5 or Hester who were also involved with the game? Or it was one of the other player trying to set up Chanel?

Dean Munsch promises Grace she’ll reveal what she knows about the bath tub baby next week, but I doubt she can be trusted. Hopefully we’ll find out more soon though as I’m enjoying trying to figure it out!

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