Scream Queens Recap: Season 1 Episode 8 'Mommie Dearest'

*All of our episode recaps contain spoilers*

Dean Munsch gets attacked by two Red Devils and someone in a Justice Scalia mask but to their surprise she fights back and is able to escape. Reluctantly Munsch tells Grace that the mother of the bath tub baby was named Sophia Doyle. Although this wasn’t her mother’s name Grace still thinks she may be the bath tub baby. Grace and Pete look for clues back at the asylum and find a painting of Gigi with two babies, a boy and a girl. Later when Grace confronts Gigi with the painting Gigi denies it was her and her father Wes ignores her concerns too. Meanwhile the Chanels hire Denise to dig up dirt on Zayday and Grace after the Red Devils kill candle loving Kappa Jennifer. Later Chanel spitefully shows Grace the information she has on her mother-the Kappa house president of 1995 who was a violent drug dealer who Wes fought for custody over Grace. Faced with the truth about her mother Grace tells Wes to stay away from her. Meanwhile Boone goes out in public in disguise and calls an unknown person about Gigi and her ridiculous Justice Scalia mask. He ends the conversation saying that Gigi needs to be taken out.

Lots of development this week as Grace discovers she wasn’t the bath tub baby. I thought she might be a bit too obvious to be the bath tub baby but I didn’t expect her mother to be the 1995 Waterfalls loving Kappa House president who was dancing while Sophia Doyle died. That was a nice twist. Grace is devastated about the revelation and her relationship with father Wes seems to have taken a blow with her threatening him to stay away from her.  Now he’s proven to be a liar what else has Wes been hiding?

Meanwhile Chanel and Grace find some common ground after Denise forces Chanel to apologise to Grace for what she said about her mother. Despite being made to say sorry there does seem to be some genuine emotion from Chanel as she tells Grace that she had a bad mother too. The two slowly seem to be making headway and have a better understanding of each other which is a good way to develop their relationship rather than have them always being at loggerheads.

So Gigi seems to have been taking care of two children a boy and a girl. Was Boone the boy in the painting? If so how did he end up in Gigi’s care? What is his motivation to join the Red Devils? And was the bath tub baby the one he was talking to on the other end of the phone? So many questions! Also I loved Boone’s disguise where everyone seems to mistake him for Joaquin Phoenix.

But the best bit of the episode was Dean Munsch vs. the Red Devils. Starting with a wonderful homage to Jamie Lee Curtis’ mother Janet Leigh famous shower scene in Psycho where Dean Munsch turns the tables on the Red Devil. Just when you think Dean Munsch couldn’t get any better she kicks the Red Devils ass. My only disappointment with the scene is that she didn’t take the opportunity to unmask at least one Red Devil. But I know that more for plot convenience.  A wonderfully entertaining episode.

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