Scream Queens Recap: Season 1 Episode 9 'Ghost Stories'

*All of our episode recaps contain spoilers*

ghost stories

As the girls prepare to stay their final few nights at Kappa house before thanksgiving, Boone returns to the campus and is mistaken as a ghost by Chanel no 3 and Chad. However Zayday and Grace has no such illusions  and accuse him of faking his death as he's one of the red devils. Dean Munsch also reveals to Grace and Zayday that the girl in the bathtub back in 1995 had twins- a boy and a girl. Meanwhile Hester claims she's pregnant so Chad dumps a vengeful Chanel. After tricking Hester into admitting she lied Chanel kills Hester by pushing her down the stairs. At the end of the episode Boone attempts to kill Gigi but is killed by the other red devil instead.

At lot happens in this episode. We have three deaths, Earl Grey by Boone, Hester by Chanel and Boone by his sibling. As nice as he was it was always a matter of time before Earl Grey was bumped off but the deaths of Hester and Boone are more surprising. Hester's murder by Chanel makes me think that Chanel is too obvious to be the red devil but seemingly all the Kappa girls have some sort of alibi or reasons why it couldn't be them. Chanel no 3 didn't know Boone was alive, Chanel no 5 was being chased by the red devil, Grace has been discounted as the other bath tub baby and Boone was trying to woo Zayday. So either someone faked their death like Boone did or there's some way we've been misplayed.  As long as it makes kind of sense and it all reaches a satisfactory conclusion I won't mind if the show goes on some weird routes.

Its now been confirmed that there were twin bathtub babies who Gigi raised to carry out a long awaited revenge plan. For some reason this seems to involve Boone pretending to be gay. As it was him that was protecting Zayday she won't be safe from the remaining red devils now. The wish for revenge had seemingly turned Boone'sibling against him and siding with Gigi. So what is their endgame?

Chanel becoming a murderer in front of the Chanels will also have far reaching consequences as they witness Chanel's shocking act. I hope Chanel no 3 survives a bit longer as she's my favourite Kappa girl but she's probably either next on the death list or the killer herself. Chanel no 5 has also grown on me as she's one of the few people speaking any sense in this episode. She rages against the group for staying in the house instead of leaving and calls Chanel out on her hypocrisy and her plans against Hester. She also dispairs against Denise's scary stories as a cure for being scared. Denise's stories were hilarious as was her strange inclination for setting every story in the bathroom. I'm glad she survived the red devil's attempt to kill her in the bathroom.

The series has stepped up a gear killing off major character like Hester. More like this please!

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