Shadowhunters Recap: Season 1 Episode 10 'The World Inverted'

*All of our episode recaps contain spoilers*


Meliorn, Clary and Jace go to the Seelie realm where Meliorn tells Clary that she needs to go through a portal to an alternate dimension where she’ll need to find another portal to be taken to her father. Going in alone Clary finds this world is a peaceful one where Shadowhunters do not exist, her parents are happy married and she and Jace are in love.  Meanwhile Isabelle is to go on trial and when Alec decides to hand over the Mortal cup to Lydia to help Isabelle he realizes the mortal cup has gone and tries to locate Jace but almost breaks the parabatai bond between them. This causes Jace to double over in pain and a demon enters the portal after Clary. With the help of alternate Magnus, Jace and Clary find the portal and arrive at Valentine’s lair where they are stunned to discoverer Jace’s father alive.

The alternate world that Clary enters to is fun with Clary a normal teenager with happy parents, Isabelle is a geek in a relationship with Simon (and possible with a crush on Clary’s dad!) and Shadowhunters are not needed. I also liked seeing the reversal in personalities of Alec and Magnus with Magnus being reserved and Alec being the flirty one. However the plot is also not essential the story and you do wish they would get on to the main plot.

Alec’s attempts to save Isabelle fares better. His relationship with Jace is getting further strained and he almost breaks the parabati bond and injuries Jace because he’s so angry.  Of course this leads to Alec having another shirtless scene (not that I’m complaining). We also see Alec and Isabelle reconnecting again as he tries to prevent Isabelle going on trial.

The other sub plot revolves around Simon and Luke trying to prevent the Internal Affairs agent from a few episodes back from accusing Luke of being a murderer. This leads to a funny sequence where Simon pretends he’s the murderer and ‘confesses’ to the agent that he’s the killer. Luke then shoot Simon ‘killing him’ and convinces the agent to let Luke off the hook.

Fun subplots aside I wish the main storyline didn’t focus so much on this alternate reality which ultimately has no effect on the story. However Jace and Clary finding Jace’s dad alive in Valentine’s hideout is an interesting twist (especially for those of us who have read the books). So it will be intriguing to see how this changes things for the characters.

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