Shadowhunters Recap: Season 1 Episode 11 'Blood Calls to Blood'

*All of our episode recaps contain spoilers*

Michael Wayland tells Clary and Jace that he has been held captive by Valentine all these years. Jace is relieved his dad is alive but Clary is suspicious. Michael takes them to an abandoned hospital where they find an unconscious Jocelyn and Clary’s suspicions are proven correct when Michael takes hold of the mortal cup and reveals that he is using a glamour and he really is Valentine. However Clary has already swapped the Mortal cup and the one Valentine is holding is a fake. Valentine reveals that he is Jace’s father and that Clary and Jace are siblings before fleeing in the portal. Isabelle has her trial with Magnus as her defense attorney. Lydia changes her mind during questioning and withdraw the charges but the Inquisitor still passes sentence demanding the mortal cup within 24 hours or Isabelle will be banished. With Jace and Clary’s return the charges are dropped but there are still tensions between the Shadowhunters.


At last Clary finds her mother! I was hoping the series wouldn't drag that out for too much longer although I imagine it will take a while still for Jocelyn to wake up and clear up the whole Clary/Jace debacle.

From the outset Jade's dad seemed to be behaving suspiciously, not least the fact that for someone held prisoner and tortured for years he looked surprisingly fit and healthy. It seemed maybe a bit too obvious he was Valentine but at least Clary did figure it out in time before Val got his hands on the cup. Then Val drops a bombshell claiming he is Jace's real dad which puts Jace and Clary in an awkward position.

Someone who isn't feeling awkward about it is Luke who tells Simon of this latest development like an old gossip! It does seem to put a spring in Simon's step but Simon has more on his plate now he's Rafael's new advisor. If that means more of Rafael and his snarky ways then I'm all in.

Over at the Institute Isabelle is put on trial and Magnus is her fabulous defender in the court. But even him and Lydia's change of heart isn't enough to stop Isabelle being sentenced to exile. But at least it was good to see everyone gathering together for Isabelle and the Shadowhunters applause for Isabelle is very telling. Her speech about Shadowhunters prejudices was really good too. Now that the cup is back Isabelle can clear her name but the friendship between Alec and Jace as well as the relationship between Alec and Magnus are still frayed.

Thanks to having more plot development this week the show is now nicely building towards the climax. Hopefully Alec and Magnus can sort things out soon.

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