Shadowhunters Recap: Season 1 Episode 12 'Malec'

*All of our episode recaps contain spoilers*

As Lydia and Alec's wedding approaches Alec's unresolved feelings for Magnus are still brewing although Alec won't admit it. Magnus tries to talk to Alec who just won't listen and the wedding looks certain to go ahead.

Clary and Jace are still reeling from the revelation that they are brother and sister. Awkward! No wonder Jace is trying to avoid Clary and the subject as much as possible! Clary then decides to invite Simon to be her date at the wedding. Does she not realise she may be sending mixed signals to poor Simon?

The awkwardness continues when Clary, Jace and Magnus look for a warlock who may have been the one to put the spell on Jocelyn. While Jace and Clary argue and angst Magnus provides welcome comedic relief! As the warlock Ragnor reveals it was him he is killed by a demon before he can reveal how to break the enchantment. Magnus volunteers to look through his old friend's books for a clue. We then have an amusing and interesting scene as Magnus imagines his dead friend talking to him and is told to fight whoever can break down his walls.

 Jace realises there must have been a mole in the Institute. He suspects Lydia. Clary speaks to her. This being Clary she isn't subtle and Lydia's not pleased at being accused. Then they come to blows over Alec. Clary is annoyingly self righteous here and asks Lydia how she can trust her when Lydia rightfully says she had to trust Clary even though she's Valentine's daughter. I'm much preferring Lydia to Clary at the moment.

We later have Isabelle trying to throw Alec a bacholar party which sounds amazing but she doesn't know much about them so she asks Simon for help in how to organise it. The scene really shows that Simon has more chemistry with Isabelle then Clary. In the end Isabelle basically uses the party to put Alec and Jace in the same room together where they air out their issues and resolve their problems. Jace also reveals his tormented feelings over Clary while Alec hints around his own problematic love life and that he has to furfil his duties. It was nice to see them make up.

Then the wedding takes place and of course the shadowhunter wedding is at night! Magnus comes in the middle of the ceremony. Alec on seeing him decides to not go through with it and luckily Lydia understands. Then Alec kiss Magnus in front of everyone! Go Malac! Isabelle and his friends are happy for him but his mother isn'tso proud. I was glad to see Alec stands up to her. I'm glad to see Alec and Magnus together. It's was also nice to actually see Alec smiling.

Later using Fell's artifacts they realise they need Camille's help. I thought she was dead. What a pain!  Then Lydia is attacked as she's preparing to leave and the cup is stolen. Not a great day for Lydia! We later see that it was Hodge who betrayed the Clave in order to have the spell lifted off him. This wasn't much of a surprise as it was Hodge who betrayed the Shadowhunters in the books but it will be interesting to see where this goes next.

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