Shadowhunters Recap: Season 1 Episode 5 'Moo Shu To Go'

*All of our episode recaps contain spoilers*

Alec and Isabelle's mother shows up at the clave and orders Alec to keep an eye on Clary while Jace and Isabelle are task with getting information from the Seelie. Clary sneaks out to get a box mum kept hidden while Simon and Alec (begrudgingly goes with her). Clary and Simon ate then kidnapped by a pack of werewolves. As Jace, Isabelle and Alec turn up to rescue them all five end up being saved by another werewolf who kills the alpha becoming the new pack leader. Clary is surprised when the werewolf is revealed to be a badly injuries Luke.

So the plot to find the mortal cup isn't gathering much speed but fortunately some much needed character development does take place. By introducing the Lightwood siblings’ mother we get to understand a bit more of their behavior. Isabelle is ignored by her mother which causes her to act out for attention. It was slightly when Isabelle tried to brush off her mother not hugging her hello only to see her hug Jace and kiss Alec affectionately on the cheek. Not that Alec fares much better as we see why his face is always in a permant scowl. His mother constantly expects the best from him and so this seems to be the reason he sticks so rigidly to the rules. I thought Clary was really insensitive to Alec regarding his and Isabelle's relationship with their mother and Alec's feeling towards Have. Leave the guy alone!

We also get more of Luke this week which I'm happy about as I think his werewolf/detective storylines could have a lot of potential. His downworlder status is finally revealed to Clary so at least that part of the plot moves forward. We also see that the werewolves and the Seelie folk ate both questioning their loyalties to the Shadow hunters, which isn't that surprising consider most of the Shadowhunters we've seen (bar Isabelle) seems to be a bit prejudice against downworlders. That and their constant dismissing of humans as mundanes and you wonder why others haven't turned their backs on Shadowhunters long ago. Those themes were actually explored quite well in the books so hopefully this will be ongoing in the series too.

So a lot of positives, more so than previous episodes but there are still some rough points. Disappointingly Simon is still annoying and now seems to have some weird vampire strength without being a vampire-yet. What's even more glaring is no one has properly questioned Simon yet about his new found skills although Alec at least looks suspiciously at Simon and muttering under his breath (in facts his sarcastic lines at Simon and lame comeback at Clary's claim he loves Jace were some of my favourite bits of the episode). Clary however doesn't seem to be wondering at all how Simon got new parkour skills or that fact he's suddenly stronger and faster. Good luck being a Shadowhunter Clary! Also we only get to see a little bit of Magnus as he calls Alec to go for a drink. Amusingly he seems to love that Alec is 'playing hard to get'.

Shadowhunters still needs a kick up the ass to make it essential viewing but the development of supporting characters is a good step forward.

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