Shadowhunters Recap: Season 1 Episode 6 'Of Men & Angels'

*All of our episode recaps contain spoilers*

Luke is taken to Magnus for help from his injuries. Magnus and Luke inform Clary of her mother’s past with Valentine. The Lightwoods come under further disarray when Alec and Isabelle’s father comes home. Isabelle tells Alec that their parents plan to marry him off so he storms out to help Magnus heal Luke and the two become closer. Jace and Simon continue to argue over Clary. Luke informs Clary that she had a brother Jonathan that died in a fire caused by her father. She then discovers a new power which leads her to remember where the Mortal Cup is located.

As things go I’m much more interested in the Lightwoods and their family dramas than Jace, Clary and Simon. I really liked the different scenes between Alec, Isabelle and their parents. I felt so bad that Alec’s parents were trying to force Alec into an arrange marriage for political reasons although I didn’t like him taking his frustrations out on Isabelle. Meanwhile Isabelle tries to win her mother’s approval by dressing more conservatively (well for Isabelle anyway). As Isabelle conforms Alec breaks the rules by leaving the Clave to help out Magnus. Although I’m not completely convinced that’s there is chemistry between Alec and Magnus yet I’m enjoying their slow building romance over the other relationships on the show. And Alec is fast becoming my favourite character on the show, such a difference to the first couple of episodes.

The flashbacks to Jocelyn, Luke and Valentine’s past are really dull and full of stilted dialogue and overacting. Every time we flashed back in time I wanted to fast-forward back to the present day. But at least they lead to Clary finally remembering where the Mortal Cup is. It’s about time! At least now that plot can move along.

Now if only the show could get rid of Simon, or turn him into a vampire as that’s the way it seems to be heading. Maybe if he stopped moping about after Clary and is given decent quips then he could improve. Let’s hope so for next week.

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