Shadowhunters Recap: Season 1 Episode 7 'Major Arcana'

*All of our episode recaps contain spoilers*

Clary, Luke and Jace go looking for the Mortal cup which is hidden inside a tarot card. Luke had collected the tarot cards as part of Clary and her mother’s stuff and kept them at the police station for safe keeping. However Luke is interviewed by internal affairs officers leaving Clary and Jace to get the cards by themselves, with the help of Isabelle and Alec. As the group split up Clary is confronted by a shapeshifter posing as Jace, however Clary realises the truth in time and kills the demon.  She reunites with the rest of the group and the cup is back safe at the Clave. Clary and Jace then share their first kiss. While this is happening, Simon wakes up to realise he slept with Maureen and his visions and odd behaviour get worse worrying his family and Maureen. He seeks help from Camille who informs him that he would have been alright and returned to normal, if he hadn’t have come looking for her. She then attacks him.

It’s a miracle! A whole episode went by without Simon being annoying, although I was frustrated by his lack of forthcoming to the group but then they were a bit busy this episode to listen to him. I actually felt sorry for him as his visions got worse and he scared his family by breaking a table. Even his cringe worthy scene where he called Maureen “Clary” wasn’t too bad. Maybe he’ll become more likeable if he is turned into a vampire, which could be the case after his encounter with Camille at the end.

The main plot revolved around Clary remembering where the cup is. I was relieved that they actually managed to retrieve the cup, get it back into physical form and to the Clave all in one episode. I’m sure someone will steal it in the next episode but still. The internal investigation and breaking into the police was an interesting plot twist, along with the death of Luke’s police captain. There was also more chemistry between Jace and Clary this episode with their fake fight in the police station and Clary’s real slap at Jace (to keep up the pretence of their fight of course). They also finally kiss! Although whether the middle of the Clave is the most appropriate place is another thing, what with everyone watching and being in the midst of trying to find Valentine and all.

As with the last few episodes Isabelle and Alec were the highlights. Despite Isabelle changing her clothes and modifying her behaviour I’m glad to see she’s still supporting Alec even though he won’t admit to his feeling for Magnus. It was also nice to see Alec supporting Isabelle back and telling her she shouldn’t have to change herself for others. I also liked seeing Alec taking on Isabelle’s usual role of being the sexy distraction-and failing miserably.

This episode was a vast improvement all round, let’s hope it continues.

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