Shadowhunters Recap: Season 1 Episode 8 'Bad Blood'

*All of our episode recaps contain spoilers*

Raphael brings Simon’s body to the Institute. Clary is given a choice whether to stake Simon or turn him into a vampire. After much soul searching Clary decides to bury him to become a vampire. Raphael kills Camille and becomes the new Vampire leader. When Simon awaken he’s disgusted with what he has becomes and runs away. The Clave sends Lydia Bramwell takes over the Institute temporarily and inadvertently reveals to Alec that his parents were ex Circle members. Alec is torn by his anger towards his parents and wanting to restore his family honor. In the end he decides to propose to Lydia making an alliance. There is also an attack at the Institute by the Forsaken-who Isabelle discovers has angel blood-but is defeated by Isabelle and Hodge.

Although Simon doesn't seem happy about it, becoming a vampire is probably the best thing that could happen to him. He's already much more interesting than he was before and I actually felt quite sorry for him as he realized what he has become. While Simon is improving Clary is still annoying making Simon's death all about her. Simon becoming a vampire also means more Raphael, who seems intriguing and that fact he's overthrown dull Camille is also a plus in his favor.

Besides Clary's whining we also get scenes of boring (but luckily brief) flashbacks of Jocelyn and Luke as well as glimpses of dullard big bad Valentine. The series is getting better but needs a more charismatic and threatening baddie.

Elsewhere poor Isabelle and Alec get more pressure put upon them by their parents this week as they are informed the Clave is not happy with the institute and send Lydia Bramwell to oversee them. As she's revealed to be Clary's cousin it'll be interesting to see how the two get along with Lydia being by the book and Clary following her heart. We also get the revaluation that the Light wood parents were Circle members, much to Alec's disgust and anger. It may explain why their parents are so obsessed with following the rules in the present but also makes them hypocrites. No wonder Alex us running.

Meanwhile on a lighter note, favorite character Alec gets better each episode, and this week we're treated to a scene of topless Alec to the delight of the audience and Magnus. Their brief scene together discussing Alec's family was a nice moment. It’s just a shame Alec didn't listen to Magnus's advice to follow his heart. Instead he decides to propose a political marriage to Lydia to restore the family name and be in charge of the institute. Oh Alec!

It was recently announced that Shadowhunters has been renewed for a second season. Now that the series is starting to find its feet and develop its characters I'm feeling a lot more hopeful that the quality of the series will continue to get better.

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