Shadowhunters Recap: Season 1 Episode 9 'Rise Up'

*All of our episode recaps contain spoilers*

After the attack on the Institute Lydia arrest Meliron for working in league with Valentine. Meliorn refuses to answer her questions but does reveal that Clary has the Mortal Cup. Alec tells Jace to get Clary to hand over the cup while Jace is stunned by news of Alec and Lydia’s engagement. Magnus is persuaded by Jace and Clary to help sneak the cup out of the Institute. Simon struggles with becoming a vampire and having to feed on blood. He also finds out that Clary was the one who decided to make him a vampire. When Lydia attempts to turn Merliorn over to the Silent Brothers to get the truth out of him Shadowhunters and Downworlders team up to rescue him turning Alec and Jace against each other. Meliorn thanks Clary for the rescue by giving her a girt-Valentine’s whereabouts.

The show has really turned itself around since its first episode and the biggest change comes from Simon. A whining unfunny bore in the early episodes Simon is now much more interesting and sympathetic now he’s transformed into a vampire. He’s even becoming funny! His scenes with Clary where they discuss their friendship- despite being a Shadowhunter and a vampire - is actually quite touching. Also now Simon is a vampire we get to see more Raphael who could care less about Jace and Clary’s opinion (much like me and my lack of caring about their relationship).  I also liked Raphael and Luke exchanging rubbish pun insults at each other.

I still love Alec and It was good to see him stand up to his father although marrying Lydia is not the best way to act out. I also felt bad for Magnus when he found out about their engagement. Get it together guys!

The conflict between the Shadowhunters and the Downworlders come to the fore here and it’s good to see the Shadowhunters prejudice come center stage. It’s not surprising that everyone distrusts the Shadowhunters when they treat everyone like second class citizens. Still I can’t help wonder if Isabelle and co were right to trust Meliorn, it’s a bit suspicious he comes up with Valentine’s location to Clary at the end. Why not give this up to the Shadowhunters in the first place and avoid this whole confrontation? I also don’t get why the cup is safer with Clary then at the Institute.

I wonder if next week we’ll find that Meliorn shouldn’t be trusted after all. I’m intrigued to know more!

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