Shadowhunters Recap: Season 2 Episode 2 'A Door Into the Dark'

*All of our episode recaps contain spoilers*

This week’s episode opens once again on Valentine’s ship, carrying on directly from the events of the previous week’s episode. Valentine and Jace have portaled back to the ship after Jocelyn shot Valentine (which he seems very calm about – he pulls the arrow out of chest/shoulder area, draws an iratze on himself and away he goes). He and Jace argue over the “right way” of doing things, although Valentine reckons Jace thinks he’s right – he could have portaled him anywhere; the institute, over to the clave, anywhere and yet he took him back to the safety of the ship (seriously Jace, why?).

Back at the institute Clary is angry at Jocelyn (which I can understand, she did just try to kill her brother not to mention, the possible love of her life), poor Simon attempts to calm them and although Jocelyn is having none of it Clary goes to him saying he’s the only she can still trust. Jocelyn changes tactic and tries for sympathy saying she’s a victim in this as well and explains to Clary how Valentine injected her with demon blood when she was pregnant. She proves it by using that weird flashback rune again which shows Clary a memory of a young Jocelyn carrying a baby out in a garden and going to pick some flowers. As she’s cutting the flowers the babies eyes turn completely black (no white, no irises, nothing) and the flower in Jocelyn’s hand dies. DUN DUN DUN.

We now get the opening titles which I still love (even if some of the faces the cast make are slightly cringy. Okay, very cringy).

The next scene takes place in Clary’s room at the institute; Simon is wondering why Aldertree wants to question him (he claims he doesn’t know anything in that adorable Simon way of his). They move on to discuss Jace; Clary doesn’t want to believe he’s ‘evil’ but Simon isn’t sure (and let’s be honest, he did kill the vampire, Maria, and saved Valentine – seriously Jace, what were you thinking?).

Now in Aldertree’s office, Aldertree wants Simon to find out what’s going on with the vampires, he goes as far to threaten Simon by telling him he’ll no longer be allowed to see his ‘shadowhunter friends’ if he doesn’t succeed.

Being completely honest, I almost had a heart attack when the next scene opened with a shirtless Alec repeatedly hitting a punching bag. Clary enters and attempts to talk to him but he’s having none of it. She does her best to convince him that she can trust him but Jace’s disappearance has hurt him more than he’d care to admit – he’s looking for anyone to blame. Izzy enters and tries to calm him but to no avail. His parting words to Clary are, “When are you going to realise you don’t belong here? You never have.” Ouch. (I do feel bad for Clary here, though – it isn’t her fault her parents are going round causing so much trouble.)

We’re now in a boxing club where two men are fighting before the lights go out and one of them vanishes. Back at the institute, we realise why. Lydia is giving a speech, explaining that Valentine is suspected of taking men like the ones in the boxing club who are more likely to survive the transformation of becoming a shadowhunter. Clary arrives and goes up to Alec and Izzy, she claims no one told her about the brief to which Izzy replies, “That wasn’t an accident.” Clary tries to talk to Lydia after the brief and convince her to let her help but Aldertree is not having it. He then tries to get Alec and Izzy of the mission as well but Lydia sticks up for them (which is why we love her).

Clary is now alone in her room (cue sad, nostalgic music) and starts looking through her old sketchbook. Izzy comes in and tells Clary that she doesn’t blame her for anything (good to know at least one of the Lightwoods feel this way). Clary is still upset – she wants to be normal, to have her old life back but Izzy tells her she has a new life now and that she has her “and that’s not going to change.” (I do love Clary and Izzy’s friendship.)

Luke is now questioning some of the boxers at the club but gets to talking to one his pack and it’s safe to say that they are not happy with Simon ‘staying’ with them. Luckily Luke doesn’t care – Simon stays.

Back at the Jade Wolf Raphael pays Simon a visit. It’s safe to say he isn’t happy about Simon telling Aldertree that Raphael was behind everything that went on with the vampires. He tells Simon that it was Camille (easy enough to believe) and that Simon needs to find her or else something very bad will happen to some very important parts of him... Good luck with that Simon.

On Valentine’s ship, he announces there’s to be a mission. He attempts to convince Jace to come (as well as that downworlders are basically scum). Jace declines and leaves but Valentine says there’s someone who will be able to convince him to agree.

At the institute, Jocelyn is bringing Clary coffee (presumably, she’s trying to make up for the incident when she tried to kill Jace) but Clary has gone (although she left her stele). That’s because she’s walking through the streets of New York City.

Next, Alec and Izzy are visiting the boxing club we saw earlier where Izzy takes down an incredibly muscular dude (not to mention cocky. Although not after Izzy’s done with him) whilst Alec could not look prouder.

At Magnus’s apartment, Simon appears having portaled there (which does not agree with him), asking for Magnus’s help in finding Camille. Magnus says (and I have to say I agree with him) that it is not a good idea. But I think at this point Simon is more scared of Raphael than he is of Camille.

Back in the boxing ring one of Valentine’s men comes for the dude Izzy beat up earlier. It turns out it's Izzy herself, though, disguised using a rune. She and Alec corner him wanting information on Valentine but he slits his own throat rather than telling them anything. Interesting choice, although not the one I would have gone with.

We then find out where Clary’s going: the Brooklyn Academy of Art.

Jocelyn and Luke are talking about Clary, Jace, and the demon blood in Jace (just the usual). Luke is pretty annoyed she never told him about of any of that but she says she was afraid of losing him (understandable – if I had Luke I wouldn’t want to lose him either) and they hug it out and leave to find Clary. I do love these little moments between Luke and Jocelyn.

We’re now in Agra, India with Magnus and Simon who are visiting Camille (luckily she isn’t home. Or maybe it isn’t lucky considering what Raphael will do to Simon if he doesn’t find her). Magnus starts collecting various objects (apparently they’re his) while Simon is being typical adorable Simon, therefore, Magnus has to tell him to man up (and if they find Camille he’s going to have to do it soon).

Back in America Clary’s finally sketching again; you can see she’s happy again, in control. That is until Jocelyn and Luke arrive. Of course, they want her to come back but Clary is still reluctant, she doesn’t feel as though she’s a shadowhunter or a mundane anymore. She runs outside where she is confronted by Dot (bit a shock – pretty sure we all thought she was dead). She takes Clary through a portal just as Jocelyn and Luke come outside to look for Clary.

Now on Valentine’s ship Dot and Clary have arrived and from what Dot says she appears to have taken Valentine’s side (really Dot?) and goes on to show Clary – through some weird Warlock skill – some incredibly messed up images of what the future will look like.

Alec and Izzy are walking through the streets of New York discussing what’s going on with the gyms and Valentine – Alec wants to take matters into his own hands. Izzy tries to reason with him, telling him he would have felt something if Jace was hurt. Alec replies, “I don’t feel anything, Izzy. That’s what scares me.” This just got serious.

I just want to say that I would not have wanted to be Simon in this next scene. He’s still looking for Camille and manages to find a box in a statue of a serpent. You think all is going well. It’s then that a real snake appears. A REAL SNAKE. Simon then realises he’s locked in with this snake. Of course. At this point, I probably would have had a heart attack. Luckily Simon doesn’t and tries Encanto again. It doesn’t work.

At the Jade Wolf Luke reveals something that could help them find Jace (and Clary). But apparently not by itself. It’s a piece of adamas that has the parabatai rune on. I don’t see this ending well.

Back at the institute, Alec is getting more desperate to find Jace. Cue Jocelyn with the adamas. Alec is reluctant (understandable considering the last time Jocelyn saw Jace she tried to kill him) but Jocelyn convinces them that she needs Clary back – just like Alec needs Jace back.

We now see Clary practically sneak up on Jace on Valentine’s ship, he doesn’t believe it’s her (reasonable considering what happened in the last episode) but she proves to him that it’s her (using memories that just remind us how depressing it is that they’re brother and sister). She then tells Jace she can see the future (sure you can Clary) and explains to him all the images she saw; downworlders slaughtering innocent mundanes until there’s no one left and that only Jace (with his demon blood) can stop them. Then Valentine arrives – he’s happy to have his family together (sure dude) and asks Clary to join them on the werewolf hunt that night. Jace speaks up for her saying he’ll go instead. Despite everything, he’s still protecting her and I love him for that.

Now back to Simon in India, still trying to deal with the snake although he’s now stood on an ottoman as the snake circles him. The snake then starts breathing fire. Yes. Fire. Magnus is completely oblivious to all of this as he’s still collecting all the things Camille took from him. Simon attempts Encanto again. Basically putting his hand out to snake (pretty risky considering the whole fire breathing thing) and looking fiercely at it. Surprisingly enough it works, the snake backs off and Simon is probably happier than we’ve ever seen him. Magnus then appears (of course, after the danger has been averted) and says, “My baby!” To the snake. Not Simon. It turns out the snake was a gift Magnus created for Camille. Go figure.

Alec, Izzy and Jocelyn are preparing to track Jace using the adamas which is basically just Jocelyn listing all the potential dangers for Alec. Izzy is, understandably, not happy about this. Alec is determined though, he tells her that Jace needs him, that he can’t live without him. Sometimes I do wonder what would have happened if Jace had been gay as well. But then I remember that would mean we’d never have Malec.

For some reason, Clary is now in a cage on Valentine’s ship (did they knock her out at some point?) and is surrounded by the other caged downworlders. Dot comes to talk to her and Clary realises she can’t see the future; Dot explains she put a spell on her under Valentine’s orders. Clary tries reminiscing with her to try to get her back on her side. Dot asks why they stopped looking for her, Clary tries to reason with her and we find out Valentine experimented on Dot. Clary attempts to get her to help once again but Dot just walks away.

Back at the institute Izzy still isn’t happy about Alec using the adamas to track Jace (and I have to say I agree considering Jocelyn said he could die) but they start, Alec taking the adamas stone. We then see quick flashes – memories of Jace and Alec through the years.

Simon is stressing, now back at Magnus’ apartment – he still hasn’t found Camille. However, Magnus shows him the box that was hidden in the serpent statue and tells Simon it must be important if she had the snake guarding it. He reckons Simon could lure her back with it. If only they could open it. We then get a precious moment between the two downworlders. Magnus tells Simon he had no one to help him when he was discovering his powers and the downworld and that he vowed that if he ever found someone in a similar position he would try and help them. Although he does emphasise “try”. Better than nothing though right Simon?

On to the last scene, we’re on Valentine’s ship after the werewolf hunt and the wolf that had been having a go at Simon back at the Jade Wolf has been captured. Apparently, she killed an innocent mundane (although who even knows what’s true and what isn’t at this point?). Valentine tells Jace to kill her but then Clary appears. She tells Jace that everything she said before wasn’t true, how she was under a spell. She tells him to run. And he does. Alec is still tracking him as this is all going on causing Jace to start choking (possibly on blood) while Alec’s nose starts bleeding. Does that mean its working? Dot then enters and makes a portal, Jace and Clary jump off the side of the ship (I think aiming for the portal), Alec drops the adamas and Valentine kills the wolf. AND BREATHE.

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